Friday, September 11, 2009

Brady Quinn Workout Program

Last year we took at look at Adrian Peterson workout program, and along those lines here is another...
Just checked out this month's Muscle and Fitness, and the feature article is Brady Quinn workout program at the EAS headquarters in Colorado. It talks about the Cleveland Browns QB Brady Quinn's work ethic and commitment to training.

No doubt the guy is a beast. He trains hard and from what I read, is doing all the right exercises and drills to keep his body in peak condition and injury free.

From kettlebells, to bands, to rollers, to his dynamic warm-up he is training for sport specific movement. His program by the looks of it is functional to his sport and position. He trains his core and is big on keeping up on his flexibility training. These are crucial elements that need to be included in any athletes training program.

Brady Quinn, who has always looked the part really backs it up with his work in the gym to target football specific movements. Obviously his hard work and commitment in the weight room is paying off.

For more check out his months Brady Quinn Workout Program


lillyadams79 said...

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Unknown said...

I'm glad that you focused on the exercise routines and just a little bit about best preworkout supplements. A real trainer knows the difference.

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