Monday, April 20, 2009

Overspeed Training for Athletes

I am often asked if Overspeed sprints are a good way of developing speed. My answer is yes!

Overspeed sprints make the neuromuscular system fire faster than normal, this allows the body to perform movements like starts, change of direction and accelerations with quicker stride turnover. They can enhance your 40 yard dash time.

Here are two ways of overspeed training:
1. Run on a slight downhill grade.

2. Use a bungee cord to pull you into an accelerated sprint or backpedal.

Trust me, you should not soley perform just overspeed training drills outlined in my Pro Combine Preparation Manual. These should be included in a program along with resisted speed drills as well.

For athletes who find it difficult to accelerate and get the body firing off the start, adding overspeed training to your program may be the missing link.

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