Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to Get a Football Scholarship

Every year alot of my athletes that I work with secure football scholarships to some of the top football schools in the country. Florida, South Carolina, Ohio State, LSU, they all come calling.

Here is my recipe for getting a football scholarship:

1. Get good game film of you playing and make a tape of your highlights and two of your best games. Be sure to provide the complete game.

2. Train your butt off to test out well in the combine tests (use my Combine Freak DVD for preparation). Make sure you are running a fast 40 yard dash, and quick short shuttle, and a good vertical jump (Again get my DVD as I will teach you how to do this).

3. Get your coach to get you into a "One Day" Camp at a school that is a good fit for you. these one day camps are often invite only, and only a select number of prospects get invited to them. They will time you in the 40 yard dash, short shuttle, and vertical and do some positional drills... Based on this, if you perform well you might get an offer right then and there.

4. Get you SAT scores as high as you can as earlry as you can. There is one thing that makes a recuiter happy is to know that you are already qualified.

5. Work hard in the classroom, on the field and with your training.

If you follow these 5 steps you will be on the right track for securing a football scholarship.

Train Hard!
Mike Gough BSc, CSCS

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