Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to run a fast short shuttle at the NFL Combine

If you are having trouble running a fast short shuttle, let me help you.

I see way to many athletes making the same mistakes over and over again at combines around the country. So many athletes I see try to side shuffle off the start. This leads to a slow start and a dissappointing time. Think of this... what's faster running or shuffling? Running is the fastest, so run and don't shuffle.

The faster you can get out of your start stance and cover the first 5 yards, the faster your time will be. So crossover and turn the hips towards the line. This will get you there way faster than side shuffling to the line and keeping your hips toward the timers.

If you have my Combine Freak DVD you know that I have over 17 minutes of instruction on this test alone teaching you all of the details you need to know.

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Train Hard!
Mike Gough BSc, CSCS

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