Wednesday, November 04, 2009

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Brady Quinn Workout Program

Last year we took at look at Adrian Peterson workout program, and along those lines here is another...
Just checked out this month's Muscle and Fitness, and the feature article is Brady Quinn workout program at the EAS headquarters in Colorado. It talks about the Cleveland Browns QB Brady Quinn's work ethic and commitment to training.

No doubt the guy is a beast. He trains hard and from what I read, is doing all the right exercises and drills to keep his body in peak condition and injury free.

From kettlebells, to bands, to rollers, to his dynamic warm-up he is training for sport specific movement. His program by the looks of it is functional to his sport and position. He trains his core and is big on keeping up on his flexibility training. These are crucial elements that need to be included in any athletes training program.

Brady Quinn, who has always looked the part really backs it up with his work in the gym to target football specific movements. Obviously his hard work and commitment in the weight room is paying off.

For more check out his months Brady Quinn Workout Program

Thursday, September 10, 2009

DB and LB Backpedal Drill

If you are a DB or LB and are looking to improve your backpedal, there is a great drill that I use with my athletes that produces great results.

Using a Speed Chute, put the speed chute on so that it is in front of you not at your back. perform resisted speed chute backpedals starting with 10 yards then increasing the distance. Be sure to make sure the hips stay low during the backpedal.

Variations of this drill include giving the athlete commands to backpedal slow and fast, backpedal with a turn and sprint, backpedal with hip rotation right adn left, and backpedalling in a snake like fashion.

These drills are excellent for DB's and LB's to work their position specific backpedal, drops and hip action.

Our Speed Chutes provide the perfect amount of resistance in the backpedal drill. Be sure to get your now to perform this exercise in your training!

Speed Chutes work great for improve speed forwards or backwards. We use them often when training for the NFL Combine, lowering the 40 yard dash or preparing for the NFL season!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Resisted vs. Overspeed Speed Training

I am asked often about resistive vs overspeed training and what gets better results. When you speed train which type of training do you use? If you want fastest path to get results, resistive speed training gets it done.

You see, overspeed training pulls you faster than you can run, which quite often pulls you out of your proper mechanics. When trying to get faster your running mechanics are the foundation for success. Poor mechanics while training will translate into poor mechanics on the field. Quite often athletes that are being pulled in a overpeed towing drill force their muscles to brake because they are being pulled out of control which is counterproductive to the goal of the exercise. If you are going to do overpeed training I suggest running on a slight decline or running with a wind at your back.

Resisted training allows you to improve forward body lean, and increase power through a triple extension of the hip, knee and ankle joints. The force created during this type of training while maintaining proper running mechanics will make you faster. Be certain not to overload the resistance to a point where form and mechanics are compromised, ususally 7 to 10% of the atheltes bodyweight should be used as the amount of resistance applied. Ultimately first step power, acceleration and speed will be increased by using a resited device such as a Speed Sled of Speed Resistor.

Summer Football Training
The summer is ticking away! What are you doing to make yourself better this summer? If you are looking for an edge on the competition check out Training for the NFL program, it gives you the specific training routines I use down here with my athletes preparing for NFL and college training camps. It even includes my position specific conditioning protocols.
Where can you get a 4 phase training program that gets incredible results for such a great price?

40 Yard Dash Tips
Many of my athletes have been running blistering times in the 40 yard dash at their college testing day. Highlights include Damian Copeland a true freshman at Louisville who clocked a 4.37 sec. 40 and Youngstown State true sophmore LB Deonta Tate who ran a 4.53 sec. 40 yard dash.

Both athletes said teamates were asking them about their unique breathing technique they used when running the 40. This breathing technique in my opinon is key for running a fast 40 yard dash. Learn this specific breathing technique which is detailed on my Combine Freak DVD.

Mike Gough BSc, CSCS

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

How to Sprint Faster

I am often asked and e-mailed by athletes, parents and coaches what they can do to run faster. It seems like everyone is is feeling the need for speed these days. Whom can blame them, it what separates the pros from the joes!

So here are three things you can do that will have you running faster:

Work on Your Arm Mechanics - Too many athletes have poor running technique. If you are not efficient, you are wasting energy and slowing yourself down. The arms should be at a 90 degree angle while running. The should swing from the shoulder maintaining that angle. This will help drive and propel the body forward. Many athletes chop their arms which is wasted energy and not efficient.

Use Resisted Sprints to Increase Speed - Resisted sprints provide huge returns in terms of speed development. They teach the body the feel of foward body lean and acceleration angles. I use resisted sprints with the Speed Tools Speed Resistor. We use these everyday at my Athletic Edge Sports Training Center. We perform 15 yard resisted sprints with the speed resistor with good form.

Train the Core - When I tell athletes this they usually think of a ripped six pack. You need to train your core for movement and performance, meaning train the abs, obliques, hip flexors, back erectors, and glutes explosively for movement. So leave the crunches behind, and start training the core with med balls and dynamic movements such as overhead toss situps, russian twists, and rotational throws. These will develop power in your core and help you run faster.

Summer Training
The summer is ticking away! What are you doing to make yourself better this summer? If you are looking for an edge on the competition check out Training for the NFL program, it gives you the specific training routines I use down here with my athletes preparing for NFL training camp. It even includes my position specific conditioning protocols.

Where can you get a 4 phase training program that gets incredible results for such a great price?
Train Hard!

Mike Gough BSc, CSCS

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Friday, May 29, 2009

NFL Pro Timing Day - Cleveland Browns Philip Hunt

NFL Pro Timing Day of Phillip Hunt of the Cleveland Browns performing his 40 yard dash, vertical jump, short shuttle and L-Cone.

Biggest Speed Training Mistakes

Last week I had the honor of speaking to the football players at a local high school. There coach called me and asked me if I could come in and talk to the athletes before they were about to time some 40 yard dashes.

I went through a quick tutorial on the 40 yard dash start position trying to give these young atheltes some technical cues they could put to work right then and there to run a faster time. It was a cliff notes version of what I cover in my Combine DVD but I hit on the major tips.

The coach then asked me what were the biggest problems that hindered speed development in athletes. I responded with a lack of flexibility and arm mechanics...

Athletes as a whole don't stretch enough or not at all, they are tight and stiff, and especially high school athletes whom are going through growth spurts tend to be very inflexible. I told the athletes that flexibility training is THE most overlooked component of speed training. So if you want to get fast... Get flexible!

Arm mechanics especially in the top speed phase of the 40 yard dash can either make or break your time. I see too many athletes running with a short choppy arm swing. This short arm movement shortens your stride length, so at top speed when you want to open your stride up, you are shortening it and losing speed. Next time you run when you reach full speed exaggerate your arm swing to run a faster time.

Summer football training is just starting, if you need a surefire program to make the most of your training and train like an NFLer get my Training For The NFL Program.

Speed Sleds

Check out our speed sleds, if you are up to the challenge! We use these sleds daily to increase acceleration off the start. Get the Sled to lower your 40 yard dash

Monday, May 18, 2009

How to run a faster 40 yard dash tip

The past couple of weeks I have been working with some athletes that are having trouble with the back end of their 40 yard dash. When analyzing their 40 yard dash their 10 and 20 yard time were right in line with running a good 40 yard dash time, but the final result was not what I had expected. The 40 yard dash time was just too slow.

So with a good 10 and 20 yard split time, I watched video of them running to see what I could find that was holding them back. What I found with both athletes was their stride length was short for their top speed phase, and when watching the video the problem was existing from their arm action.

There arms were short and quick, causing their legs to be the same... Not good if you are looking for stride length during the last 15 yards. So we went to work, I told them to exaggerate the arms in the final 15 yards, creating a longer swing of the arms, to focus on pulling the arm back while the other fires forward, and the result was astonishing.... A faster 40 yard dash!

Both athletes applied this technique in training and on testing day with great success. If you are having issues similar to them you should try this technique.For more tips like this get my Combine Freak DVD where I teach you all the compnents to running a fast 40 yard dash!

Train Hard!
Mike Gough BSc, CSCS

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

NFL Pro Timing Day Sebatian Vollmer

NFL Pro Timing Day of Sebastian Vollmer, 2nd Round Pick New England Patriots in the 2009 NFL Draft. Vollmer trained with me here in Bradenton, FL. Vollmer went from a Free Agent rated prspect at the beginning of the season to a second round selection. He lead all offensive linemen int he country with a 37.5" vertical jump. His pro day and all star game performance rocketed him up the draft board.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My NFL Draft Experience

Whew! What a weekend that was! Last Wednesday my wife and I travelled to New York City for the 2009 NFL Draft. This year was a special year for me as my client Eugene Monroe was invited by the NFL to be there. Eugene and his agent Sunny Shah of 320 Sports invited my wife and I up to take it all in.

We arrived Wednesday in the afternoon, settled into the hotel then went downstairs to see Eugene, and another one of my clients Josh Vaughn, a RB from Richmond. We met up with them later at a nightclub called TAJ where 320 Sports was having a pre draft party. It was a fun night and a pleasure to meet Eugene, family and friends.

Thursday and Friday we poked around NYC taking int he sights which was highlighted by a dinner at TAO. If you have never been to TAO you need to go there at least once, it is awesome.

Before I knew it the big day was here, we all met down in the lobby at 11am to get our credentials and tickets for the draft, then went to the westin to have a family and friends lunch with Eugene and all the other invited players put on by the NFL. After lunch we were shuttle to the Radio City Music hall for the draft to begin.

The atmosphere at the hall was awesome. There were crazy fans yelling running around with their teams jerseys on. It was cool to see ESPN's Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, Chris Berman, Chris Mortensen along with NFL Network's Mike Mayock, Jon Gruden, and other tv personalities. we found our seats and the draft started.

There was not much suspense for the first pick Matthew Stafford, as he had already reached a deal with the Lions. The 2nd pick was St.Louis whom I thought might take Eugene, but they passed and selected Jason Smith of Baylor. Then came the out of the sky picks of Tyson Jackson (Chiefs) and Heyward-Bey(Raiders) which threw a wrench into things. Then the Jets moved up for Mark Sanchez, and finally with the 8th pick Eugene was selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

When the Commissioner made the selection and said Eugene's name I was very happy, excited and proud. He had worked so hard to make this happen, I was happy he had his family and friends there to share it with. He was speechless, excited and emotional. His journey for now is over. He has a new home in Jacksonville.

A new chapter begins this Thursday, when he has mini camp. Knowing Eugene, nothing will change he will still be the hard working, grinding athlete he has always been.

Later that night I was at dinner and I got a text that my other OT prospect Sebastian Vollmer was selected in the 2nd round by the New England Patriots. This is another great story as he was born and raised in Germany, and started this season as a Free Agent rated prospect. In my next post I will tell Sebastian's story.

Got to run, that's all for now.

Eugene Monroe selected 8th Overall at the 2009 NFL Draft

University of Virginia OT Eugene Monroe was selected 8th overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars on Saturday. The 6'5" 309 lbs. freak trained with Mike Gough in preparation for the NFL Combine. Congrats to Eugene and his family.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Overspeed Training for Athletes

I am often asked if Overspeed sprints are a good way of developing speed. My answer is yes!

Overspeed sprints make the neuromuscular system fire faster than normal, this allows the body to perform movements like starts, change of direction and accelerations with quicker stride turnover. They can enhance your 40 yard dash time.

Here are two ways of overspeed training:
1. Run on a slight downhill grade.

2. Use a bungee cord to pull you into an accelerated sprint or backpedal.

Trust me, you should not soley perform just overspeed training drills outlined in my Pro Combine Preparation Manual. These should be included in a program along with resisted speed drills as well.

For athletes who find it difficult to accelerate and get the body firing off the start, adding overspeed training to your program may be the missing link.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to Get a Football Scholarship

Every year alot of my athletes that I work with secure football scholarships to some of the top football schools in the country. Florida, South Carolina, Ohio State, LSU, they all come calling.

Here is my recipe for getting a football scholarship:

1. Get good game film of you playing and make a tape of your highlights and two of your best games. Be sure to provide the complete game.

2. Train your butt off to test out well in the combine tests (use my Combine Freak DVD for preparation). Make sure you are running a fast 40 yard dash, and quick short shuttle, and a good vertical jump (Again get my DVD as I will teach you how to do this).

3. Get your coach to get you into a "One Day" Camp at a school that is a good fit for you. these one day camps are often invite only, and only a select number of prospects get invited to them. They will time you in the 40 yard dash, short shuttle, and vertical and do some positional drills... Based on this, if you perform well you might get an offer right then and there.

4. Get you SAT scores as high as you can as earlry as you can. There is one thing that makes a recuiter happy is to know that you are already qualified.

5. Work hard in the classroom, on the field and with your training.

If you follow these 5 steps you will be on the right track for securing a football scholarship.

Train Hard!
Mike Gough BSc, CSCS

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sled Training for Speed Enhancement with Athletes

One of the tools I like to use for speed and posterior chain development is sled training. I use the weighted sled alot with my athletes.

There are so many different ways you can use the sled. You can use it to developspeed and acceleration. When weighted, the athlete can get a great accelerationangle and learn to stride at this angle. This is very important in 40 yard dashenhancement.

With a proper forward body lean you are able to achieve a power triple extensionof the ankle, knee and hip joint allowing you to explode with each stride andaccelerate explosively. The sled makes this possible.

There are so many other drills you can do to develop not only speed andacceleration but strength and explosive power in the hips, hamstrings and glutes.

We do sled pushes and sled pulls both forward and backward.

Check out the sled's we use! They are easily portable. Get sled training now!

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Friday, April 03, 2009

40 Yard Dash Head Position

When I look at the 40 yard dash and especially the start position for the 40 one of the most common mistakes athletes make is their head position.

Often the head is up in the start position and then is up during the acceleration phase. This needs to be fixed.

See the 40 yard dash is a test ultimately of acceleration, and the body will gowhere the head goes. If the head is up the body will stand up off the start killing acceleration and leading to a poor performance. If the head is tilited downwards the body will have forward body lean, aiding in a powerful triple extension and greater accelration.

Also at what point does you head rise during the 40 yard dash? Video yourself running the 40 yard dash and watch your head position. It may be what is holding you back from clocking a fast time.

For more insight on head position for the 40 yard dash, check out my "Mastering the 40 Yard Dash" manual.

If you are interested how to improve your 40 yard Dash sprint on over to Master the 40 Yard Dash.

Remeber keep that head down to run your best!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mental Cues for the 40 Yard Dash

When you are about to start your 40 yard dash, what are you thinking about?

I ask this to all my guys here training for the NFL Combine. The answers are sometimes, right, wrong,and sometimes funny.

Executing the 40 yard dash properly is one of the toughest things to do. Far and away it is the most technical test of all the combine tests.

You need to train your body mentally to block out everything but exactly what you need to think about.By learning to clear your thoughts and visualize only the things you need to focus on will lead to great success and a fast time.

I have developed a great technique for determining what you should be thinking about right before you take off. My Combine Freak DVD and companion manual teaches you to indentify what you should be thinking about and when to think it.

Simple key thoughts work best.

Many athletes overlook the mental side of combine preparation. With so much on the line, you need to cover all your bases. If you are interested in what the thought process is for the 40 yard Dash scoot on over to

Remember you must train you brain to perform at your best!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

NFL Pro Day Updates...

With the NFL Draft less than a month away, scouts are going crazy trying to evaluate each and every draft eligible prospect out there at each school's respective NFL Pro Timing Day, where the scouts come on campus to test the 40 yard dash, vertical jump, broad jump, short shuttle, 3 cone, bench press and positional drills.

These "Pro Days" will be that last look at prospects before the draft and the last chance for athletes to make an impression.

I have been busy here preparing my athletes for their pro days. Here is a look at some of the guys and the awesome results they achieved.

Eugene Monroe OT Virginia - At the NFL Combine Eugene ran a 5.16 40 yard dash, jumped a 9'4" Broad Jump and repped 225 lbs. for 23 reps. At his pro day he performed only positional drills but looked flawless. He has the best feet I have ever seen in an offensive lineman.

Jacob Lacey CB Oklahoma State - ran a 4.42 40, vertical jumped 41" he is a riser in this years draft with his cover skills.

Julius WIlliams DE UConn - ran a 4.58 40, vertical jumped 41" and had 36 reps @ 225 lbs.

CJ Spillman FS Marshall - clocked a 4.43 40, vertical jumped 41.5" looked agile in shuttle drills

Chris Baker DT Hampton - ran a 4.94 40 @ 326lbs., vertical jumped 35.5"

Others to watch over the next week are OT Sebastian Vollmer and DE Phillip Hunt from Houston.They should test off the charts!

High School Combines
Various high school combines are in full swing, Under Armour, Nike/Sparq, and Schuman's leading the way around the country. If you are needing help preparing for these combines, be sure to get our Combine Freak DVD that will help you master the tests and sepearte you from the competition.

Speed Tools Training Gear
For those of you looking to take your training to a higher level, take a look at my Speed Tools Training System. For the first 5 orders I will throw in a free DVD with exercises and drills using the gear I use with my NFL players.

Train Hard!
Mike Gough BSc, CSCS

How to run a fast short shuttle at the NFL Combine

If you are having trouble running a fast short shuttle, let me help you.

I see way to many athletes making the same mistakes over and over again at combines around the country. So many athletes I see try to side shuffle off the start. This leads to a slow start and a dissappointing time. Think of this... what's faster running or shuffling? Running is the fastest, so run and don't shuffle.

The faster you can get out of your start stance and cover the first 5 yards, the faster your time will be. So crossover and turn the hips towards the line. This will get you there way faster than side shuffling to the line and keeping your hips toward the timers.

If you have my Combine Freak DVD you know that I have over 17 minutes of instruction on this test alone teaching you all of the details you need to know.

Speed Tools Training Gear
For those of you looking to take your training to a higher level, take a look at my Speed Tools Training System. For the first 5 orders I will throw in a free DVD with exercises and drills using the gear I use with my NFL players.

Train Hard!
Mike Gough BSc, CSCS

NFL Combine 40 Yard Dash - Weird 40 Stance = Bad Time

I just finished breaking down the footage from the NFL Combine, specifically the 40 yard dash. As you probably already know the times on a whole were slower than years previous. Some say it was the surface in the new Lucas Oil Stadium, which could have played a role.

I was shocked to see some of the weird 40 yard dash start stances some athletes chose to use. If you watched the combine you would have seen some athletes stretching the back leg as far back as possible and keep it straight as a board. This to me makes no sense... You need to drive from both legs, but if that back leg is straight, you can't generate any power from that leg. So essentially you are killing your power off the start... Very odd and it showed in their times.

With the 40 yard stance I teach my athletes, the back leg is bent and I coach them to drop that knee to the floor, about 4" up from the turf. This gives the more of a horizontal spine angle and allows them to drive out not up. This, to me is an important cue to running a fast 40 yard dash.

If you have my Combine Freak DVD you probably could tell who trained with me, by their 40 yard dash technique, more specifically the breathing pattern we use to push acceleration as far as possible. If you have yet to get your hands on the DVD you can check it out here.

Next, I will recap my athletes that tested in Indy and what they did to get the times they posted...

Train Hard!
Mike Gough BSc, CSCS