Thursday, September 18, 2008

Football Combine Training TRX Style

If you have not seen the TRX suspension training system then you are definitely losing out on a great piece of trianing equipment that is portable and worth every cent.

While you can train pretty much any part of the body, for football combine training I put the guys through the Sprinters Starts which aid in the explosion out of the start of the 40 yard dash. Also I perform several posterior chain exercises such as hamstring curls and scorpions. Finally it is a great tool to develop dynamic core strength.

Here is a video of my friend and collegaue Todd Durkin who is putting several others through
TRX All-Star Workout.

As you can see the TRX is a great device to add to your training program. Click here to go to the
TRX website to see the other exercises you can perform with the TRX Suspension System.

Train Hard!

Mike Gough

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