Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How to Recruited for College Football

If you are a high school athlete, parent or coach and want to get exposure then follow these tips!

This week one of my athletes got back from a bunch of one day camps at schools like Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Auburn, Syracuse and Louisville. This athlete, Damien Copeland is a WR at Palmetto High School who runs great routes and has sure hands.

He is a senior to be, and had moderate interest before the spring football season. Damien last year went to Auburn and ran a low 4.6 sec. 40 yard dash. This year he clocked the fastest 40 yard dash time at the Florida, Auburn and Georgia camps were he ran 4.42, 4.43 and 4.43. He jumped 40" at the Florida camp in bare feet and wowed them with his route running. He is already qualified academically so schools know he is ready to go.

He verbally committed to Lousiville on Sunday after getting several offers after his performances at these camps. So what can we learn from his successes?

Here are some tips I have to seperate yourself and get some serious scholarship looks.

#1 - Work Hard and have a good positive attiude. What you put into it you will reap the rewards.

#2 - Have good film showing all facets of your game. Get your film together and have it ready to send out. Perform on the field!

#3 - Test off the charts! Football is all about speed. Teams recruit speed, power and explosive players. Make sure you test well and get coached up on the tests (check out my DVD as they will test you like it is the NFL Combine!

#4 - Try to attend as many of these invite only camps schools have during the summer to evaluate the athletes they are seriously interested in. Get your coach to call these schools to get you in.

#5 - Get your academics in order. Too often I see too many good athletes end up no where becasue of poor grades. Do well in school, college coaches love kids that are qualified.
So there you have it, if you can check mark each of these five things then you are well on your way to becoming highly recruited. Keep working hard on the field, in your training and in the classroom.

If you want testing numbers like Damien had, follow all my secrets in my Combine Freak DVD. You can check it out at . It worked for Damien, let it work for you!

Train Hard!
Mike Gough
PS: Your summer training is almost over! Get a speed chute or sled from and get faster before the season starts.

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