Sunday, June 22, 2008

Speed Training Tips for Elite Athletes

The summer is here! And the clock is ticking on your summer training. Whether training for the 40 yard dash or football domination, let me help you be the quickest, fastest, most agile athlete.

What are you doing to make yourself faster this summer? Here are a couple of tips to help you improve your speed this summer.

Tip 1. Train Acceleration! Football is all about quick cuts and the ability to accelerate out of a change of direction. This is what makes the difference. To improve acceleration try doing resistive sprints with a Speed Resistor. Also try performing leg drives against a wall. When training for acceleration make sure that you have forward body lean.

Tip 2. Stretch! The most overlooked aspects among younger athletes is stretching. Specifically the hip flexors. Often the hip flexors are either tight, weak or both. The more flexible the hip flexors the more power can be generated, and enhanced acceleration will be the result of a dedicated stretching program.

Tip 3. Train Top End Speed! Once you have an opening, do you lack a second gear to run away from the other team? If you do you need to enhance your top end speed. Once acceleration is over and top speed has been acheieved how long can you maintain your top speed? Try enhnacing it with Speed Chute Sprints performing some flying 30's with the Speed Chute around your waist. This will develop your stride and top end speed.

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