Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Are your hips limiting your 40 Yard Dash time?

I have been getting alot of e-mails from parents and athletes who have one common problem with their 40 yard dash.They all say that their running stride is two short during acceleration, taking far too many strides. Looks like they are "Scootching" as one parent described it, "he is running but not going anywhere".
I see this problem alot, and this problem is a result of the lack of hip flexion. When the athlete runs, flexion and extension are the keys to acceleration and sprinting in general. Many athletes may think that it is weak hip flexors, and it might certainly be. But most commonly it is the lack of flexibility not strength, in the hip flexors and a lack of posterior chain strength.

One of the first stretches I show my athletes is the psoas stretch which we perform with our Speed Tools Stretch Rope (Get the Rope and Stretching program FREE with the purchase of my Speed Tools Training System). This Active Isolated stretching technique will open the hip flexors up to allow greater range of motion. This will allow to open up freely and the athlete will be able to accelerate.
Once the psoas muscle has been opened up, a solid posterior chain program needs to be performed. Reverse Hyper Extensions, Single leg RDL, Glute ham raise are examples of exercises that can be done to strengthen the chain.

Trust me, if you address both of these elements you 40 yard dash time will drastically improve.

If you are looking on how to run a great 40 yard dash and have a knockout combine performance get your hands on my Combine Freak DVD.

Keep Sprinting!
Coach Mike Gough

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