Thursday, May 08, 2008

40 yard dash - # Steps for 10, 20 and 40 Splits

Things are starting to heat up here in Florida, both the temperature (85+ degrees) and training is heating up as we are getting some awesome results with our programs. My clients are getting big, fast, quick and exposive! Alot of the gains we have been getting can be attributed to my Speed Tools Training System .

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Is there a correlation between your 40 yard dash time and the number of strides taken for the 40 yard dash?You better believe it. After breaking down the video from this years NFL combine there is a strong correlation between the specific numbers of strides taken in the 40 yard dash and the times clocked. In my
COMBINE FREAK DVD I share with you the specific number of strides for the 10, 20 and 40 yard splits. These numbers are right on line with faster times posted at the NFL Combine. So the long and short of it is that stride length and the number of strides taken are integral to a good 40 yard dash.

So if you are taking to many strides you are adding time to 40 yard dash time.

Many of you have contacted us about a training program for this summer to help you get ready for this coming football season. Without a doubt, My Training For The NFL Program is a surefire way to get ready this summer. Now I am going to warn you, this program is only for those that want to be pushed to their limits and become the best.Thats the way I roll, I want every one of my clients to be the best athletes out there!

Train Hard!

Coach Mike Gough

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