Friday, April 25, 2008

Top NFL Scout Speaks!

If you are close to the NFL Scouting circles then you have heard this name CO Brocato, the longtime NFL scout with the Tennessee Titans.

CO is a legend in the scouting circles, and has been a traiblazer in the profession. CO created the L Cone drill as a test of multi directional change of direction.

I recently watched an interview with CO. What he said all of us, whether athletes at the high school or the college level should listen closely to and follow, as he certinly knows what he is talking about.

The main point I took away from this interview was when he was asked what is the most important trait a football prospect should have.

He said without hesitation "SPEED". He said that speed is the key factor. Also the athletes ability to change direction and football skills. This should tell you alot about where your training emphasis should lie.

Speed Kills as some say. Speed will help you make the next level.

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Believe me, CO Brocato has tested thousands of athletes trying to make the jump to the NFL. He knows his stuff. Speed is King.

Train Hard!

Mike Gough

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