Friday, March 21, 2008

Is the NFL Combine Joke?

Right now around the country everyday, draft eligible prospects are being tested at their respective schools for what we call "Pro Day".

I have been analyzing the results from these pro days, and comparing it to the test results from the NFL Combine. And let me say this, there are some serious discrepancies.

Here are two examples: Vernon Gholston of Ohio State has been shooting up the draft boards. At the NFL Combine he ran a 4.67 40 yard dash, at pro day he clocked a 4.58. At the NFL Combine he had a 35.5" vertical, at his pro day a 42". That is a 6.5" difference.

Here is another example Ben Moffitt, the USF linebacker whose vertcial was 32.5" at the NFL Combine and 37.5" at his pro day. On and on it goes.

So why are the results better at pro day than at the combine?

I think the NFL has made the NFL Combine such a high stress event that the athletes are fatigued after a day of travel, two days of poking and prodding by medical staff, and lack of sleep. By the time their last day (testing day) rolls around, a peak performance can be tough to achieve, thus the better results on pro day.

Just something to think about.

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Train Hard!

Mike Gough

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