Friday, March 21, 2008

CFL Combine Domination 2008

I was in Toronto over the weekend to prepare athletes for the CFL Scouting Combine. And to sum up the results in one word I would use 'domination' to describe what we accomplished for the second straight year.

In two and a half hours, I taught them everything they needed to know to perform there best. I pretty much took my Combine Freak DVD( and taught them all the little technique cues that are vital to knockout combine performance.

I didn't get the opportunity to have these guys down here in Florida, but each guy recieved my Speed Tools Training System (, my Secrets of Combine Training Program ( and my Combine Freak DVD ( I monitored their progress through e-mail and phone. This is an awesome training combination for complete combine preparation.

On testing day the results were astonishing. Several athletes I had prepared had first place results in many of the tests. The fastest 40 and shuttle of the whole event were run with my techniques. As were the Vertical and Broad Jump. As I said we dominated.

Notable standouts were Samuel Giguere, Dylan Barker, Shea Emry, and Daryl Stephenson

I was impressed with the athletes and how quickly they were able to absorb the information and put it into use.

You see if you are training with the right techniques, equipment and program, and understand the key concepts you too can achieve the results that I had this weekend in Canada.

Thats all for now,

Mike Gough
NFL Combine Training Expert

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