Sunday, February 17, 2008

NFL Combine Week

Well all the preparation is just about done, tomorrow the finishing touches will be completed for the NFL Combine.

All those long days will be worth it when my guys hit the turf in Indy.

If you are preparing for a combine, are a trainer, or just purely interested in the NFL Combine make sure to watch the Combine on NFL Network starting Saturday.

When training for the NFL Combine, athletes preparation is twofold. Getting back into top condition through intense training, and test technique perfection. Both of these will lead to a great performce in Indy.

When watching the combine on tv watch each athletes technique on how they perform the tests. Watch the differences. Can you tell who trained with me?

After you watch my Combine Freak DVD, you should be able to see my techniques put forth. So become a student of the tests, it will improve your combine performance and make the NFL Combine watching more interesting.

To learn my techniques get the Combine Freak at

Train Hard!

Mike Gough

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