Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Combine Shoe Selection

I can't tell you how important the right shoes are for each combine test.

Last week I had two athletes come into train for their pro day. I started teaching them the my techniques for the agility tests. The were slipping and sliding trying to execute the proper technique... But they couldn't... It was frustrating!

I told them they needed to get three different types of shoes for various tests. They said "we wear soccer shoes, we wear them to play in as well". I said my pitch to them that there times would come down one to two tenths with the right shoe. They did not believe me.

Two days later we were back on the field working through technique and there they were with their soccer shoes on. They were slipping around again. Finally one of my other athletes' got frustrated watching them slip and took off his shoes and let one of them wear them. After performing a near flawless L-Cone, running a personal best, the athlete looked at me and smiled and said "you were right, I need to get a pair of these".

I tried to tell them, but sometime people are stubborn and want to make the learning curve even longer.

Let me shorten the learning curve for you. Let me show you what are the best shoes to wear to get the best performance in addition to all my other secrets.

I will give you all the answers right here:

Train Hard!

Mike Gough

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