Thursday, January 24, 2008

How to Run a Fast Short Shuttle

The Combine Short Shuttle test is a test of agility, quickness and change of direction. Today I spent over an hour teaching my NFL Combine athletes the nuances of this test. There are so many details on how to run a fast time in this test we could be here for a long time. So much that this test technique took the longest of all tests on my Combine Freak DVD (

Now let me share with you one tip that will help you shred time off your shuttle.

The tip is the pivoting of the inside foot when performing the shuttle turns. The inside foot needs to pivot or rip around in the direction you need to go. This helps open the hips in the opposite direction, increases the torque of the turn and ultimately allows for a quick crisp turn. So be sure to practice this tip and your times lower quickly.

I taught this last weekend to some high school athletes preparing for the NIKE Combines and they each took 2 tenths off there times following this technique tip alone. This is just one of many test technique tips that I can give you to shave time off your shuttle. For all my other secrets get my Combine Freak DVD by clicking here .

Keep training hard!

Mike Gough

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