Sunday, January 06, 2008

How Good is Speed Ladder Training?

Just how good is the speed ladder for your training? Well it is a staple of my training program here with my athletes. Let me tell you why...

With the speed ladder ( you have to have body coordination, awareness, and the ability to get your feet moving quickly. In any sport the faster your feet are the better you will be able to read, react and separate yourself from the competition.

With young athletes through professionals the ability to move the feet while processing information (a thrown ball, recievers movements) is a knack within itself. The ladder will help you keep the feet moving and ultimately elevate your gsme.

When using the ladder the focus should be on keeping the hips low as this is a power position in which to react with power and acceleration when translated on the field.

To see what I mean check out this YouTube video I posted.

To get your hands on one of my Speed Ladders so you can start putting it to work to improve your footspeed click this link

Train Hard,

Mike Gough
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