Thursday, January 17, 2008

40 Yard Dash T-Drill

I just got off the field from my morning training sessions with my NFL Combine athletes. This week has been all about the basics, teaching them some of the basics for the tests including the 40 yard dash and getting them whipped into shape.

Today one of the tesching tools i use for the 40 yard dash start is the T Drill. I use field paint to mark a one yard straight line vertically out on front of the start line.

Then I get the athlete to measure their individual specific first stride length (as I teach you in my Combine Freak DVD and we mark that line as well. Where the two lines meet is where we get the first step to strike through.

That is an optimal first step. Straight ahead with the correct length for your specific limb length.
Trust me it works.

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Train Hard,
Mike Gough
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