Wednesday, January 02, 2008

40 Yard Dash Goals for 2008

With a new year comes new goals. What are your goals for 2008?

Last year I listed 5 things I wanted to accomplish in 2007, and I worked through that list until I accomplished all of them. You should do the same write them down then conquer them.

One of my main goals is 2008 is to help you get Fast. I want you to be the faster, quicker and the most exposive athlete around. I want to help you run the fastest 40 yard dash you have ever run.

Now how are we going to do this? Well through my e-mail and blog posts I will give you training tips that I use with my athletes that flat out get results. So stay tuned to each and every e-mail.

One surefre way to get fast is with my Speed Tools training gear. If you have yet to check out my new line of speed training products, then you are missing out. Check it out right here:

Chutes, Sleds, Ladders, Hurdles, and much, much more to help you unleash your athletic potential.

Now lets get after it in 2008!

Train Hard,
Mike Gough

PS: If you are looking to imprve your 40 yard dash then check out my Speed Tools Agility Ladder

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