Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Pro Agility Shuttle

Yesterday I was poking around online and found a video on a high school football combine website that made me scratch my head. Let me tell you why…

They had a coach/trainer/timer (not sure his specific title) miked up coaching some high school players through the pro agility shuttle. He was telling them to do everything they should not do!!!

If you have watched my new DVD “The Combine Freak” you will know what I am talking about as I point out some techniques that others teach that are killing your time and I show you how to fix them.

He was actually adding 4+ tenths to their times with his techniques. Adding steps, the turns, foot placement, everything he said was NOT what they should be doing. And what happened? At the end of the video clip they showed the first athlete run the shuttle, he was all over the place, slipping in the turns, and adding steps here and there. He almost ran over the guy timing because of these techniques (maybe he did it on purpose!).

In addition the worst thing to do right before you test is to have some trying to coach you up. Perfection takes time.

I am the first to be open to new techniques and must admit that my training techniques are the accumulation of years of learning from others and dissecting video myself. Point is that my technique works.

Don’t waste your time and effort practicing the wrong way to perform the shuttle, when with a click of a remote control you can learn the right way.

Get the Combine Freak Combine preparation DVD today before your testing day has come and gone and you are left there on the field saying I should have listened to Mike.


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