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How to Run a Faster 40 Yard Dash for Football Combines

How to Run a Faster 40 Yard Dash

The 40 yard dash has become the gold standard of football tests and can make or break an athlete’s football career. It is one of the most popular tests performed each year at the NFL Combine.

Many football players are looking for ways to improve their 40 yard dash time prior to attending football combines. By improving specific technique aspects and performing the proper training, 40 yard dash times can be greatly lowered.

Technique for the 40 Yard Dash

By refining the specific technique for the 40 yard dash, times can be greatly improved. Technique cues such as starting stance, first step length, countermovement, arm action, and breathing are some of the key factors in improving the 40 yard dash.

The starting stance of the 40 yard dash is extremely important as it is the foundation for a great time in the 40 yard dash. Each athlete should try to limit countermovement off the start as the timers go on first movement, so if there is countermovement valuable time is given to the timers.

After the start the first step is vital to get an explosive start to the 40 yard dash. The step must be the right length and the right angle for a great start.

One of the most important techniques cues for the 40 yard dash is the breathing technique that is used. A specific breathing pattern will ensure the athlete does not tighten up leading to a great time and technique.

The more technique flaws that can be corrected the more efficient the athlete will run.

Training for the 40 Yard Dash

The other aspect for improving the 40 yard dash is using training methods to increase speed, acceleration, power and flexibility.

Speed and ultimately acceleration training are key methods to enhance a 40 yard dash result. Speed training emphasizing on forward body lean, stride frequency and stride length will improve times.

Flexibility is one of the most over looked aspects of 40 yard dash enhancement. By increasing flexibility in the hips, legs and upper body speed will be enhanced.

By focusing on both the technique and training aspects of the 40 yard dash, a great time can be achieved. The athlete must become a student of the 40 yard dash learning and practicing perfection.

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