Saturday, December 01, 2007

Build Recovery for Football Combine Training

This morning I was working with two athlete preparing for the upcoming Nike Combines. It was their first training session with me so I evaluated them and worked them out.

They were expecting to learn the nuances of the combine tests, but they were far from any condition to start technique training. Let me tell you why...

In order to properly train technique for the combine tests, you have to have a high level of conditioning. You need this becasue in order to execute proper technique and to establish proper muscle memory, you need to be fresh for each rep.

This way you will get the most out of your training sessions and ensure that you are not repeating bad technique and learning bad habits.

Also I have found that athletes need high levels of body awareness and co-ordination to pick up the key technique concepts needed to perform the combine tests properly.

So be sure that you condition your body to maximize your football combine technique training. You will see fast results when you can repeat rep after rep without fatigue hindering your training.

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