Friday, December 14, 2007

The 40 Yard Dash... Like Riding a Bike???

A funny thing happened the other day. Jon Corto who was the "Combine Freak" in my new DVD had a workout with the New York Giants on Tuesday. He and two other safeties were brought in to get a look. Surprisingly Giants Head Coach, Tom Coughlin conducted the workout.

Jon said they put him through 45 min. of positional drills then out of the blue Coughlin said, "get on the line to run a 40 so we can see how fast you are". Now Jon has not run a 40 yard dash since last March when he lit up the Syracuse Pro Day. So he was taken off guard and said he panicked for a second and scramble to focus on the proper technique. The other two players at the workout were even more stressed, as on was a 13 year vet who has not had to run a forty yard dash in a long, long time.

The panic for Jon did not last long. he got his head into it worked through a couple of starts then hit a decent 40 yard dash in the high 4.5's. He said that all the training with me, ingrained the technique cues into his memory, and he said when he is 50 years old he will still remember my 40 yard dash technique.

Jon told me later it is was "just like riding a bike" executing a close to perfect 40 yard dash.

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Train Hard,

Mike Gough

About the Author: NFL Combine training expert Mike Gough, CSCS specializes in 40 yard dash training and football combine test preparation. Mike has just released his football combine training DVD entitled "The Combine Freak" and is available at where you can signup for his free 40 yard dash and combine training newsletter.
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