Saturday, November 24, 2007

How to Reach on the Vertical Jump

Do you know the different ways to measure the reach on the vertical jump for combine testing?
Now I know you may think what the heck is he talking about but listen to what I have to say...

How to perform the reach in the vertical jump is just as important as the jump itself. When performing the vertical jump the scout will measure your reach, then your jump, and the difference is your vertical jump (ie. 38" etc.)

If you prepare for every possible way the scouts measure the reach you can greatly improve your score in this test. There are specific techniques that will help you lower your reach thus increasing your total vertical jump.

Often these technique cues can be implemented quickly, but for a full effect they need to be practiced. If you learn and master these techniques you will be fully prepared regardless if the scouts use a one, or two armed reach on the pole, tiles or wall.

From my experience, using these techniques can add 4"-5" on your vertical jump. Now doesn't that sound good?

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Train Hard,

Coach Mike Gough

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