Friday, November 09, 2007

How is Your 40 Yard Dash?

How is your 40 yard dash progressing?

Well if you are like many athletes out there that are planning on attending a football combine this spring you need to always try to push the limit with your 40 yard dash technique training.

The more you focus on the individual phases the faster you will run.

Key Components to a fast 40 yard dash are the Start Stance, Acceleration Phase, and the Top End Speed Phase. How you plan and train each phase will determine how much improvemnt you make.

Each of these three key components to a great 40 yard dash will be broken down into the finest detail in my new DVD "The Combine Freak" that will be launched next Thursday at 12 noon EST.

If you are looking to achieve excellence in all of the combine tests then this is your chance to separate yourself from the competition.

David from Hawaii Asks:
How will your DVD differ from other Combine DVD out there?

David, great question, honestly I can't say becasue I have not seen other combine dvds. My combine test technique has been refined through video analysis, trial and error and through personal experience preparing my athletes for the NFl Combine. I will say this, my DVD covers every little detail of every test, I teach you eberything that I know about combine training and leave nothing on the table.

Joe from Arizona Asks:
What tests are covered in your new DVD?

Joe, "The Combine Freak" Vol.1 will cover the following tests: Flexibility tests (3 in total) 40 Yard Dash (3 phases) 5-10-5 Shuttle L Cone 60 Yard Shuttle Vertical Jump Broad Jump Bench Press

In addition I give you a bonus section on my combine preparation secrets, including your mental game, shoe selection, preparation, night before tips, and combine protocol for success.

If you follow what I have to say in this DVD you will no doubt enhance you combine performance!

Be sure to look for my special e-mail next thursday at 12pm EST where you can get your hands on "The Combine Freak" Vol.1 at a special price before I launch it to the world. I will offer 250 DVD's at this special price. They will go quick so make sure you check you email to get on board!

Train hard!


Coach Mike Gough
NFL Combine Training Expert

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