Saturday, November 17, 2007

40 yard dash - Combine Freak DVD

I wanted to share with you this story on how the Combine Freak was created.

It was Christmas Eve last year, and my wife was walking our two basset hounds, when she got home she told me she met this gentlemen walking his dog and that his son is a college football player from a small 1-AA school in the northeast. She said that he wanted to train when he was down for the holidays.

Later that day I get a call from this athlete, and he came in the 26th to workout with me. He said he was from a small school and played LB and by looking at him he was undersized to play LB at the NFL level. I looked at him and thought he would make a great safety with his size so I put him through a tough and I mean tough, workout and was impressed with his athletic ability. I knew when I saw him that he could get a look at the next level. He just had that "it" factor.

This athlete (Jon Corto) decided to stay down in Forida for 8 weeks at his parents and dedicate himself to making the NFL. That was his dream. He was relentless in his commitment to learn and master the combine tests. He was like a student, taking notes on every detail I gave him. He mastered each test to the best of is ability. I had him peaking at the best he had ever been.

My next mission was to get him into a Pro Day, and with the help of his agent he attended the Syracuse Pro Day. There at the Carrier Dome, Jon put on a show that day. With his chiseled 6'1 210 lbs. frame Jon, jumped a 41.5" vertical, a 10'2" Broad Jump, Ran a 4.56 40 yard dash, had a 4.02 short shuttle and a blistering 6.50 sec. L-Cone. He blew it up.

Jon ended up making the Buffalo Bills practice roster this year. Not bad for a guy who told me that he just wanted to see what he could do. Not bad for a guy that grew up in Buffalo and dreamed of one day playing for the Bills. Jon is the "Combine Freak"

If you want to see Jon in action, you need to get the Combine Freak DVD. You will not be dissapointed. You will also be able to see Jon and many other of my clients testing in front of the NFL Scouts.

If you have a dream like Jon did. Live it! And let the Combine Freak help you get there.
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Train Hard!
Coach Mike Gough

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