Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Do you train for football in-season?

Combine Training aside, now your focus should be on making plays on the field. The whole reason you train for the combines is to ball on the field. To keep your edge all season long you have to keep training.

All too often do I see some athletes that training with great intensity in the off-season and make huge gains throw it all away during the season due to a lack of structure in their high school football program.

As a result when the playoffs come around these athletes are deconditioned and performing at a level no where close to their potential.

How to we overcome this? You need two quick workouts a week to maintain your edge. By quick I mean 45 min. or so. Your in-season workout should include strength, footspeed, core strength, flexibility and anaerobic conditioning to keep the body tuned up.

Do that twice a week and you will be feeling like you have not lost a step come playoffs.

For my detailed In-Season workout plan check out my latest training manual 'Training for the NFL' .

Thats all for now keep training hard!

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