Saturday, September 08, 2007

Did You See Addai?

Not sure if you saw the game last night, but I was very impressed with Joseph Addai's game, he dominated.

What makes Joe so good? He has the whole package: speed, agility, quickness, acceleration, great hands, smarts, nd super conditioning.

Some athletes are just combine freaks, they test well but never can take those abilities to the field. Joseph was a combine freak and took that to the NFL where he is developing into a great player.

In-Season Training

I have been getting some e-mails about my e-mail reagrding training during the season. Many of you are looking for a specific protocol to follow. In my book "Training for the NFL" ( provide an in-season training program that I give to all my athletes. It is a proven program to keep those gains made in the off-season.

Often many athletes lose all their off-season gains due to de-conditioning during the season. Keep the development flowing from one year to the next.

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