Monday, September 17, 2007

Send Your Support for Kevin Everett

Training for football or combines aside, reality set in Sunday when Kevin Everett of the Buffalo Bills fractured his spinal column on the opening kickoff in the second half.

Everett went under 4 hours of surgery to repair his cervical spine.

Yesterday reports were that Everett had some ability to feel all of his limbs. Tests also showed voluntary movement in his legs, though it was being stated by the doctors that it is only a preliminary result and should be construed as neither a positive nor negative result.

On the positive side Everett's high fitness level as an NFL player is deemed an asset in his battle to recover from this severe injury according to the physicians.

I am asking all of you loyal subscribers to click this link to send a message to Kevin Everett and his family during this tough time.

**Adding Weight vs. Speed Development**

I was sent an interesting e-mail last week, about a 14 year old OL that weighed 320lbs. The father asked why his 40 yard dash times were sub par, and why he lacked speed and acceleration?

Well first off if you are trying to gain weight, make sure you are still training for speed and quickness.

Many athletes and coaches out there want their players to get bigger, but with increased weight comes some side effects. Athletes who put on alot of weight quickly risk losing their ability to move quickly. Remember that fat adds no value to your performance on the field as it will slow you down. Weight gain should be gradual, with proper training and nutrition playing a key role in ganing lean muscle mass.

**Combine Training Manual**
If you are training for a combine, or are looking to learn the tips and technique instruction on how to perform the combine tests, check out

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Did You See Addai?

Not sure if you saw the game last night, but I was very impressed with Joseph Addai's game, he dominated.

What makes Joe so good? He has the whole package: speed, agility, quickness, acceleration, great hands, smarts, nd super conditioning.

Some athletes are just combine freaks, they test well but never can take those abilities to the field. Joseph was a combine freak and took that to the NFL where he is developing into a great player.

In-Season Training

I have been getting some e-mails about my e-mail reagrding training during the season. Many of you are looking for a specific protocol to follow. In my book "Training for the NFL" ( provide an in-season training program that I give to all my athletes. It is a proven program to keep those gains made in the off-season.

Often many athletes lose all their off-season gains due to de-conditioning during the season. Keep the development flowing from one year to the next.

Friday, September 07, 2007

How to stretch for the 40 yard dash

Although I have covered this topic in past newsletters, I am getting countless e-mail about how and when to stretch.

The Journal of Strengh & Conditioning Research this month had many studies examining the use of static stretching versus dynamic stretching.

More benefits were shown with a Dynamic flexiblity routine over static streching. Studies also showed that vertcial power was increased with dynamic stretching prior to a vertical jump, than with static streching.

So make sure to perform dynamic stretching just like my Dynamic Stretching protocol found in Mastering the 40 Yard Dash (