Saturday, March 31, 2007

NFL Combine Wrap Up

My clients are now finished with the 2007 NFL Combine. On a whole they all did really really well. I talked with each after the combine to see what twists the scouts brought to the table this year.
Every year I tell my guys to expect the unexpected. Expect to be exhausted both physically and mentally, expect the drills to change, expect the testing rules to be tweaked. And yes this year was no different.

So whether you are training for the NFL Combine, Pro Day, Free Agent Combines, or Nike Combines, you need to be prepared and have all your bases covered.

This year they altered many of the position drills slightly from years previous. My combine preparation includes breaking down each position drill so guys can show their best. They adapted to the new changes.

Also a new rule was applied for the shuttle tests. According to my clients it made all the athletes very upset and thus alot of the shuttle times were slower than years previous.

Now we are preparing for the Pro Timing days at the athletes respective schools. It should be fun!

Want to be fully prepared for the combine tests?

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