Saturday, March 31, 2007

How To Run A Fast Shuttle

Want to run a fast shuttle? One of the keys to a fast shuttle is the ability to get in and out of the turns as quick as possible.

How is this done? Well for starters you need to improve you footspeed as much as possible. You need to have quick feet so they do not stick in the turn. Often I see guys that appear to have cement shoes on, leading to a pause at each turn with noticeable ground contact time. This kills there ability to clock a great time.

Try to be light on your feet at each turn, think quick feet and often this will translate into your feet not sticking to the grass or turf.

Also shoe selection is critical to executing quick turns. For info on what specific shoes I suggest, check out my Pro Combine Preparation Manual (

NFL Combine Wrap Up

My clients are now finished with the 2007 NFL Combine. On a whole they all did really really well. I talked with each after the combine to see what twists the scouts brought to the table this year.
Every year I tell my guys to expect the unexpected. Expect to be exhausted both physically and mentally, expect the drills to change, expect the testing rules to be tweaked. And yes this year was no different.

So whether you are training for the NFL Combine, Pro Day, Free Agent Combines, or Nike Combines, you need to be prepared and have all your bases covered.

This year they altered many of the position drills slightly from years previous. My combine preparation includes breaking down each position drill so guys can show their best. They adapted to the new changes.

Also a new rule was applied for the shuttle tests. According to my clients it made all the athletes very upset and thus alot of the shuttle times were slower than years previous.

Now we are preparing for the Pro Timing days at the athletes respective schools. It should be fun!

Want to be fully prepared for the combine tests?

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NFL Combine Updates...

Live From the NFL Combine...
A busy day here in Indy today with the QB's WR's and RB's all gettin after it on the Field Turf.
I have been getting tons of e-mails on my clients results... Lorenzo Booker ran a solid 4.45 sec 40 yard dash to partner with his 26 rep bench press. A good showing for Lobo. He excelled in the agilities and positional drills.

19 year old phenom Amobi Okoye weighed in at 302. He originally came to me in mid Jaunary at 281 lbs. and amazingly lowered his bodyfat. He repped 29 reps on the bench today. He will run tomorrow and show why he is a top first round selection.

Jeremy Clark a run stuffing DT from Alabama weighed in at 309 lbs. and he repped 29 reps on the bench. That is a huge improvement from his 21 reps he performed on his arrival here in Florida.

Wonder how to train and perform the combine tests correctly?

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Hopefully you have been busy analyzing the technique at this years combine. I have been watching the video and will let u know what I see

Booker Hits 26

Live From the NFL Combine...

Just earlier I heard from Lobo... aka Lorenzo Booker RB from FSU. Lobo is one of the most jacked athletes I have worked with, he possesses a chiseled physique along with power, speed and serious quickness.

Today Lorenzo benched at the 2007 NFL Scouting Combine. He threw down 26 reps on the bench! Not bad for a 191 lb. athlete. Actually it is pretty amazing.

One thing that Lorenzo loved to do was my bench press protocol. A heavy muscle endurance routine of reps to failure and push ups. Combine this with specific back training exercises to produce a serious bench result.

My 225 lbs. Combine Bench Press Routine is contained in my Pro Combine Preparation Manual ( Be sure to get your copy to see the workout that Lorenzo loved to do!

That's all for now, I will check back in tomorrow with more from Indy.

Live from the NFL Scouting Combine

Live From the NFL Combine...

Things are buzzing in Indy for the 2007 NFL Combine. Players are arriving each day with the first group being tested today with the OL and TE hitting it at the RCA dome.

I am excited today to see how the RB's bench press. I look forward to seeing my client Lorenzo Booker blow up the bench press today. He was consistantly jacking up 225 in the upper 20's.

Not bad for a 191 lb. firecracker.

If you are looking for an in-depth look into the NFL Scouting Combine be sure to check out my Pro Combine Preparation Manual ( It is the resource on the NFL Combine.

That's all for now, I will check back in later.

Mike Gough
NFL Combine Training Expert

PS. If you want an inside look at the secrets of Combine training techniques I used with my clients here at the NFL Combine check out my 'Secrets of Combine Training' (