Sunday, February 18, 2007

Playing the NFL Combine Mental Game

Combine Trainers like myself have only 8 weeks to achieve results in preparation for the NFL Combine. While the bulk of preparation includes physical training, if the mental side is not covered the athlete may crack under the stress and pressure of performing a perfect 40 yard dash or any other combine test.

I stress to my athletes the importance of focus, centering themselves on the test at hand, not thinking of the previous or next test but channeling their focus on simple specific cues. This is the recipe for success.

With many of my clients leaving for the 2007 NFL Combine this week, I am trying to replicate the pressure and stress and see how they perform. So far so good.

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Train Hard,
Mike Gough
NFL Combine Training Expert

PS. Be sure to watch the NFL Combine this Friday on NFL Network. I know I can't wait!!!

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