Sunday, January 21, 2007

Senior Bowl Week

The past two weeks have been great. The guys I have in are ready to get to Mobile, Alabama and display a wealth of talent to NFL Scouts. While I have been getting them healthy and enhancing thier performance qualities we have built a foundation in preparation for the next trip which is to Indy for the NFL Combine.

Each athlete that comes in recieves a copy of my Pro Combine Preparation Manual. Yes the same book that many of you have found so helpful in your combine training. So these guys head back to their condos each night a read, and go over what I have taught them that day. It is a great way to ingrain all these technique cues into their subconsious mind.

The more preparation they have the more their body and mind will be programed to do it properly earning the best performance possible.

SO while the focus is hittin it at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, we are buiding up our NFL Combine Preaprations. You should do the same in your preparations.

Train and Study. Train and Study. Become a Student. The results will be amazing.
If you have yet to take a peek at the Pro Combine Preparation Manual than take a look here.

If I did not believe in the quality of this manual, do you think I would hand it out to my boys. If you want to learn, train, and have success at your combine check it out.

Keep focused and train Hard.

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