Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tools to get Faster, Quicker for Football Combines

I hope all of you are having a great holiday. This is a busy time of year for me with my athletes preparing for the NFL and CFL combines...

But I have a special pre launch announcement just for you...

Over the years I have been helping athletes all over the world get faster, stronger and more powerful while becoming better athletes. Now I am lauching a set of new tools to help you become explosive and flat out fast.

Mike Gough's Speed Tools is my own line of speed training gear that is designed to get you FAST.

Chutes, Sleds, Ladders, Hurdles, and much, much more to help you unleash your athletic potential.

Check it out at

You will not be disappointed as this equipment is heavy duty and the exact training gear I use with my athletes down here. It has been battle tested by the best.

Train Hard,

Mike Gough

PS: If you are looking to imprve your 40 yard dash then check out my Speed Tools Agility Ladder

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Pro Agility Shuttle

Yesterday I was poking around online and found a video on a high school football combine website that made me scratch my head. Let me tell you why…

They had a coach/trainer/timer (not sure his specific title) miked up coaching some high school players through the pro agility shuttle. He was telling them to do everything they should not do!!!

If you have watched my new DVD “The Combine Freak” you will know what I am talking about as I point out some techniques that others teach that are killing your time and I show you how to fix them.

He was actually adding 4+ tenths to their times with his techniques. Adding steps, the turns, foot placement, everything he said was NOT what they should be doing. And what happened? At the end of the video clip they showed the first athlete run the shuttle, he was all over the place, slipping in the turns, and adding steps here and there. He almost ran over the guy timing because of these techniques (maybe he did it on purpose!).

In addition the worst thing to do right before you test is to have some trying to coach you up. Perfection takes time.

I am the first to be open to new techniques and must admit that my training techniques are the accumulation of years of learning from others and dissecting video myself. Point is that my technique works.

Don’t waste your time and effort practicing the wrong way to perform the shuttle, when with a click of a remote control you can learn the right way.

Get the Combine Freak Combine preparation DVD today before your testing day has come and gone and you are left there on the field saying I should have listened to Mike.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

How to Train for the Football Combine Tests

How an athlete performs at a football combine can be critical in their football career. Football combines consist of the following tests: 40 yard dash, vertical jump, broad jump, bench press, pro agility shuttle, three cone agility, and 60 yard shuttle. The better the athlete can perform in each of these 7 tests the better their chances of playing football at the next level whether that is high school to college, or college to the NFL.

Football combine performance enhancement is twofold. The athlete needs to train to enhance their raw strength, speed, agility power and flexibility. The athlete also needs to master the proper technique for each test, ensuring that the test is performed in the most efficient manner. This will lead to a knockout football combine performance.

Football Combine Training

Training for the football combines obviously is different than training for the sport of football. The athlete needs to be a polished blend of speed, agility, power, quickness, and athletic fluidity. Training must reflect these qualities.

Movement skill training, encompassing speed, agility, quickness and foot speed are major areas of focus when training to test at a football combine. These components can be enhanced with training using ladders, speed chutes, speed resistors, and various cones drills. This will allow the athlete to move more efficiently allowing the athlete to perform the tests with better technique.

Developing and enhancing explosive power is also a very important aspect of an athlete’s combine training. Plyometrics are a training method that I use when preparing athletes for the NFL Combine. They help enhance the vertical jump, broad jump, and the 40 yard dash.

Strength development is important as it is a component of increasing explosive power. For the bench press test, both max strength and muscle endurance training should be performed to increase reps performed.

Flexibility training should be performed daily to help increase range of motion. An increased range of motion will enhance speed, agility, and power development.

Football Combine Technique Training

Regardless if you trained to enhance your speed, agility and power, technique training specifically for the combine tests can greatly lower testing times and increase jump height and bench press reps.

Specific test technique cues can limit extra steps and decrease times. By working and refining the specific proper technique for each test you will perform the test more efficiently.

When training the technique for each test, breaking the test up into phases and refining each phase is the best way to make the biggest gains to the whole test. Perfect each phase the move to the next.

Having a systematic step by step protocol for each test is essential to performing at your best. This decreases your nerves as the test becomes a routing that you have repeated hundreds of times during training.

Mental thought processes prior and during each test can limit nerves and increase performance. One two or three simple thoughts provide focus and helps block out negative thoughts and distractions.

By working on the physical and mental technique cues, perfection in each of the tests can be achieved.

Football combine training is twofold. For a knockout combine performance both training and technique refinement should be performed. By training both of these areas you will ensure that you are fully prepared for the biggest test of you life.

NFL Combine training expert Mike Gough, CSCS specializes in 40 yard dash training and football combine test preparation. Mike has just released his football combine training DVD entitled "The Combine Freak" and is available at where you can signup for his free 40 yard dash and combine training newsletter.
For more information on Mike Gough's NFL Combine Training Program please visit his website at

Friday, December 14, 2007

The 40 Yard Dash... Like Riding a Bike???

A funny thing happened the other day. Jon Corto who was the "Combine Freak" in my new DVD had a workout with the New York Giants on Tuesday. He and two other safeties were brought in to get a look. Surprisingly Giants Head Coach, Tom Coughlin conducted the workout.

Jon said they put him through 45 min. of positional drills then out of the blue Coughlin said, "get on the line to run a 40 so we can see how fast you are". Now Jon has not run a 40 yard dash since last March when he lit up the Syracuse Pro Day. So he was taken off guard and said he panicked for a second and scramble to focus on the proper technique. The other two players at the workout were even more stressed, as on was a 13 year vet who has not had to run a forty yard dash in a long, long time.

The panic for Jon did not last long. he got his head into it worked through a couple of starts then hit a decent 40 yard dash in the high 4.5's. He said that all the training with me, ingrained the technique cues into his memory, and he said when he is 50 years old he will still remember my 40 yard dash technique.

Jon told me later it is was "just like riding a bike" executing a close to perfect 40 yard dash.

If you want to learn these powerful 40 yard dash technique cues that will soak into your brain and allow you to run a great time, get the Combine Freak DVD .

Train Hard,

Mike Gough

About the Author: NFL Combine training expert Mike Gough, CSCS specializes in 40 yard dash training and football combine test preparation. Mike has just released his football combine training DVD entitled "The Combine Freak" and is available at where you can signup for his free 40 yard dash and combine training newsletter.
For more information on Mike Gough's NFL Combine Training Program please visit his website at

Monday, December 10, 2007

Combine Freak Q&A

I have been getting some e-mails regarding the starting techniques I teach for the combine short shuttle featured in my Combine Freak DVD. I have been asked why I teach the test this way.

There are various wasy to perform the starting stance of this test. How we start this test is where we can really shave some time off the clock.

The reason why I use my technique on the starting stance is it is more efficient. By performing the first step with my method you will take two tenths off your time for phase one (first five yards).

Trust me I have tried and tested all of the methods out there you see performed for this test at football combines, timing the first phase out and this technique is always two tenths faster.

So while my technique may feel different that what you have been doing, stick with it and you will reap the benefits.

Practice makes perfect.

That's all for now. If you been waiting to get on board with the combine freak DVD, you are missing out. Get on board at

Train Hard,
Mike Gough

PS: If you have my new DVD and have a question send it to me and I will try to address it in future e-mails. If you have not got your hands on a copy yet, get on board

Sunday, December 09, 2007

How to Run a Faster 40 Yard Dash for Football Combines

How to Run a Faster 40 Yard Dash

The 40 yard dash has become the gold standard of football tests and can make or break an athlete’s football career. It is one of the most popular tests performed each year at the NFL Combine.

Many football players are looking for ways to improve their 40 yard dash time prior to attending football combines. By improving specific technique aspects and performing the proper training, 40 yard dash times can be greatly lowered.

Technique for the 40 Yard Dash

By refining the specific technique for the 40 yard dash, times can be greatly improved. Technique cues such as starting stance, first step length, countermovement, arm action, and breathing are some of the key factors in improving the 40 yard dash.

The starting stance of the 40 yard dash is extremely important as it is the foundation for a great time in the 40 yard dash. Each athlete should try to limit countermovement off the start as the timers go on first movement, so if there is countermovement valuable time is given to the timers.

After the start the first step is vital to get an explosive start to the 40 yard dash. The step must be the right length and the right angle for a great start.

One of the most important techniques cues for the 40 yard dash is the breathing technique that is used. A specific breathing pattern will ensure the athlete does not tighten up leading to a great time and technique.

The more technique flaws that can be corrected the more efficient the athlete will run.

Training for the 40 Yard Dash

The other aspect for improving the 40 yard dash is using training methods to increase speed, acceleration, power and flexibility.

Speed and ultimately acceleration training are key methods to enhance a 40 yard dash result. Speed training emphasizing on forward body lean, stride frequency and stride length will improve times.

Flexibility is one of the most over looked aspects of 40 yard dash enhancement. By increasing flexibility in the hips, legs and upper body speed will be enhanced.

By focusing on both the technique and training aspects of the 40 yard dash, a great time can be achieved. The athlete must become a student of the 40 yard dash learning and practicing perfection.

NFL Combine training expert Mike Gough, CSCS specializes in 40 yard dash training and football combine test preparation. Mike has just released his football combine training DVD entitled "The Combine Freak" and is available at where you can signup for his free 40 yard dash and combine training newsletter.

For more information on Mike Gough's NFL Combine Training Program please visit his website at

Friday, December 07, 2007

Nike Football Combine Dates Announced

If you play high school football and are serious about playing college football, then read this post carefully and do what i tell you.

The 2008 Nike Combine dates have been released. Before you signup hear me out. They have listed the surfaces that the testing will take place on. Make sure that you have the proper footwear for the correctr surface you will be tested on.

My Combine Freak DVD ( teaches you each and every tip for you to excel at these combines, plus I show you what footwear to get for each test.

Now the dates, places, and surfaces... Here they are:

Sat., Feb. 2nd Phoenix, Ariz. Phoenix College Grass/outdoors
Sat., Feb. 9th Miami, Fla. Miami Dolphins Facility Turf/indoors
Sat., Feb. 16th New Orleans, La. East Jeff. HS Turf/outdoors
Sat., Feb. 23rd Orlando, Fla. Disney W W Sports Grass/outdoors
Sat., March 1st Atlanta, Ga. Westlake High School Turf/outdoors
Sun., March 2nd Pittsburgh, Pa. TBA Turf/indoors
Sat., March 8th Dallas, Texas Rockwall Sports Turf/indoors
Sat., March 15th Los Angeles, Calif. Long Bch Stadium Turf/outdoors
Sun., March 16th Oakland, Calif. TBA Turf/outdoors
Sat., March 22nd Charlotte, N.C. Charlotte Sports Center Turf/indoors
Sat., March 29th Columbus, Ohio Columbus Fieldhouse Track/indoors
Sun., March 30th Chicago, Ill. MAX McCook Center Turf/indoors
TBA Baltimore, Md. M&T Bank Stadium Turf/outdoors
Sat., May 3rd Houston, Texas Berry Center Turf/outdoors
Fri., June 7th Portland, Ore. Hillsboro Stadium Turf/outdoors
Fri., June 13th Salt Lake City, Utah Westminster College

So if you are a high schooler get signed up, get training and get The Combine Freak (

Train Hard,
Mike Gough
PS: Don't wait to prepare, start today.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Build Recovery for Football Combine Training

This morning I was working with two athlete preparing for the upcoming Nike Combines. It was their first training session with me so I evaluated them and worked them out.

They were expecting to learn the nuances of the combine tests, but they were far from any condition to start technique training. Let me tell you why...

In order to properly train technique for the combine tests, you have to have a high level of conditioning. You need this becasue in order to execute proper technique and to establish proper muscle memory, you need to be fresh for each rep.

This way you will get the most out of your training sessions and ensure that you are not repeating bad technique and learning bad habits.

Also I have found that athletes need high levels of body awareness and co-ordination to pick up the key technique concepts needed to perform the combine tests properly.

So be sure that you condition your body to maximize your football combine technique training. You will see fast results when you can repeat rep after rep without fatigue hindering your training.

To get the how to's and secrets I teach all of my athletes heading to the NFL Combine, get your hands on my new DVD "The Combine Freak"

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In this DVD, I will show you how to drastically improve your football combine performance.
So many athletes are improvong their times, jumps and reps... So be sure you are in on the secrets that is making the difference with them so you are not left in the dust!

Again here is the link:

Train Hard,

Mike Gough

Saturday, November 24, 2007

How to Reach on the Vertical Jump

Do you know the different ways to measure the reach on the vertical jump for combine testing?
Now I know you may think what the heck is he talking about but listen to what I have to say...

How to perform the reach in the vertical jump is just as important as the jump itself. When performing the vertical jump the scout will measure your reach, then your jump, and the difference is your vertical jump (ie. 38" etc.)

If you prepare for every possible way the scouts measure the reach you can greatly improve your score in this test. There are specific techniques that will help you lower your reach thus increasing your total vertical jump.

Often these technique cues can be implemented quickly, but for a full effect they need to be practiced. If you learn and master these techniques you will be fully prepared regardless if the scouts use a one, or two armed reach on the pole, tiles or wall.

From my experience, using these techniques can add 4"-5" on your vertical jump. Now doesn't that sound good?

To get these combine training secrets and more get your hands on my new DVD "The Combine Freak" will not disappoint.

See what it is all about!

Train Hard,

Coach Mike Gough

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

40 yard dash Frustrations

Do you know what is bothering me?

I can't stand when people get in the way of an athlete's success.It absolutely irritates me when people make decisions and use power to further themselves and not the athlete. Here is why I feel this way.

Recently, I was asked to work with a top prospect up in my homeland of Canada. This athlete is a physical freak and I believe has the ability to play in the NFL.

Upon me contacting him he explained that they had a program at his school, and that his coach said that he had to follow that program in preparation for his testing day with scouts.
I asked him if I could view the program, which I did. Let me preface this by saying that I respect other professionals and know that we all have our own way, and that in most cases we all get results. So if this program he was about to show me was beneficial to him then I would not have any problem with him following there program.

The athlete scanned the program's several pages and sent it to me. What I saw was a program that was fit for a Pop Warner team, basic weight training exercises, no speed, no core, no specific combine prep, no plyometrics, no flexibility, no agility or movement training... I was speechless.
I though I would at least e-mail the caoch to see if I could educate him on what this athlete needed to be doing. In my polite and well written e-mail I expressed interest in helping the athlete prepare for the Combine. His response was..."they are part of the team... the team has a weight lifting program that is manadtory... I built the foundation here and it represent what we do here." In his e-mail he also stated that his program was combine specific... You get the picture.

So here we have a talented athlete with a bright future that is being held down by a coach that is holding his power, and putting his ego in front of this athlete's future. That is what bothers me... Actually it irritates me.

I wish I could slip the athlete a copy of The Combine Freak ( for him to watch in private. To at least be on the same level as the athletes that have prepared for the combine tests, athletes that know the specific technique for each test.

This coach would benefit much more by the athlete training properly, testing at the top, making the NFL and thus furthering the perception of this coach's football program. Now that would be logical...

So here is just a one of story of an athlete being held back by his coach... I am sure there are many more.

Don't let it happen to you.

In case you have been under a rock the past 5 days, I launched my new combine training DVD "The Combine Freak" Check it out!

Train Hard,
Mike Gough

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

40 yard dash - Combine Freak DVD

I wanted to share with you this story on how the Combine Freak was created.

It was Christmas Eve last year, and my wife was walking our two basset hounds, when she got home she told me she met this gentlemen walking his dog and that his son is a college football player from a small 1-AA school in the northeast. She said that he wanted to train when he was down for the holidays.

Later that day I get a call from this athlete, and he came in the 26th to workout with me. He said he was from a small school and played LB and by looking at him he was undersized to play LB at the NFL level. I looked at him and thought he would make a great safety with his size so I put him through a tough and I mean tough, workout and was impressed with his athletic ability. I knew when I saw him that he could get a look at the next level. He just had that "it" factor.

This athlete (Jon Corto) decided to stay down in Forida for 8 weeks at his parents and dedicate himself to making the NFL. That was his dream. He was relentless in his commitment to learn and master the combine tests. He was like a student, taking notes on every detail I gave him. He mastered each test to the best of is ability. I had him peaking at the best he had ever been.

My next mission was to get him into a Pro Day, and with the help of his agent he attended the Syracuse Pro Day. There at the Carrier Dome, Jon put on a show that day. With his chiseled 6'1 210 lbs. frame Jon, jumped a 41.5" vertical, a 10'2" Broad Jump, Ran a 4.56 40 yard dash, had a 4.02 short shuttle and a blistering 6.50 sec. L-Cone. He blew it up.

Jon ended up making the Buffalo Bills practice roster this year. Not bad for a guy who told me that he just wanted to see what he could do. Not bad for a guy that grew up in Buffalo and dreamed of one day playing for the Bills. Jon is the "Combine Freak"

If you want to see Jon in action, you need to get the Combine Freak DVD. You will not be dissapointed. You will also be able to see Jon and many other of my clients testing in front of the NFL Scouts.

If you have a dream like Jon did. Live it! And let the Combine Freak help you get there.
We are almost out of our special launch offer, we have 27 copies remaining, so if you are thinking abot getting in, you better get in soon!
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Train Hard!
Coach Mike Gough

Friday, November 09, 2007

How is Your 40 Yard Dash?

How is your 40 yard dash progressing?

Well if you are like many athletes out there that are planning on attending a football combine this spring you need to always try to push the limit with your 40 yard dash technique training.

The more you focus on the individual phases the faster you will run.

Key Components to a fast 40 yard dash are the Start Stance, Acceleration Phase, and the Top End Speed Phase. How you plan and train each phase will determine how much improvemnt you make.

Each of these three key components to a great 40 yard dash will be broken down into the finest detail in my new DVD "The Combine Freak" that will be launched next Thursday at 12 noon EST.

If you are looking to achieve excellence in all of the combine tests then this is your chance to separate yourself from the competition.

David from Hawaii Asks:
How will your DVD differ from other Combine DVD out there?

David, great question, honestly I can't say becasue I have not seen other combine dvds. My combine test technique has been refined through video analysis, trial and error and through personal experience preparing my athletes for the NFl Combine. I will say this, my DVD covers every little detail of every test, I teach you eberything that I know about combine training and leave nothing on the table.

Joe from Arizona Asks:
What tests are covered in your new DVD?

Joe, "The Combine Freak" Vol.1 will cover the following tests: Flexibility tests (3 in total) 40 Yard Dash (3 phases) 5-10-5 Shuttle L Cone 60 Yard Shuttle Vertical Jump Broad Jump Bench Press

In addition I give you a bonus section on my combine preparation secrets, including your mental game, shoe selection, preparation, night before tips, and combine protocol for success.

If you follow what I have to say in this DVD you will no doubt enhance you combine performance!

Be sure to look for my special e-mail next thursday at 12pm EST where you can get your hands on "The Combine Freak" Vol.1 at a special price before I launch it to the world. I will offer 250 DVD's at this special price. They will go quick so make sure you check you email to get on board!

Train hard!


Coach Mike Gough
NFL Combine Training Expert

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Do you train for football in-season?

Combine Training aside, now your focus should be on making plays on the field. The whole reason you train for the combines is to ball on the field. To keep your edge all season long you have to keep training.

All too often do I see some athletes that training with great intensity in the off-season and make huge gains throw it all away during the season due to a lack of structure in their high school football program.

As a result when the playoffs come around these athletes are deconditioned and performing at a level no where close to their potential.

How to we overcome this? You need two quick workouts a week to maintain your edge. By quick I mean 45 min. or so. Your in-season workout should include strength, footspeed, core strength, flexibility and anaerobic conditioning to keep the body tuned up.

Do that twice a week and you will be feeling like you have not lost a step come playoffs.

For my detailed In-Season workout plan check out my latest training manual 'Training for the NFL' .

Thats all for now keep training hard!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Send Your Support for Kevin Everett

Training for football or combines aside, reality set in Sunday when Kevin Everett of the Buffalo Bills fractured his spinal column on the opening kickoff in the second half.

Everett went under 4 hours of surgery to repair his cervical spine.

Yesterday reports were that Everett had some ability to feel all of his limbs. Tests also showed voluntary movement in his legs, though it was being stated by the doctors that it is only a preliminary result and should be construed as neither a positive nor negative result.

On the positive side Everett's high fitness level as an NFL player is deemed an asset in his battle to recover from this severe injury according to the physicians.

I am asking all of you loyal subscribers to click this link to send a message to Kevin Everett and his family during this tough time.

**Adding Weight vs. Speed Development**

I was sent an interesting e-mail last week, about a 14 year old OL that weighed 320lbs. The father asked why his 40 yard dash times were sub par, and why he lacked speed and acceleration?

Well first off if you are trying to gain weight, make sure you are still training for speed and quickness.

Many athletes and coaches out there want their players to get bigger, but with increased weight comes some side effects. Athletes who put on alot of weight quickly risk losing their ability to move quickly. Remember that fat adds no value to your performance on the field as it will slow you down. Weight gain should be gradual, with proper training and nutrition playing a key role in ganing lean muscle mass.

**Combine Training Manual**
If you are training for a combine, or are looking to learn the tips and technique instruction on how to perform the combine tests, check out

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Did You See Addai?

Not sure if you saw the game last night, but I was very impressed with Joseph Addai's game, he dominated.

What makes Joe so good? He has the whole package: speed, agility, quickness, acceleration, great hands, smarts, nd super conditioning.

Some athletes are just combine freaks, they test well but never can take those abilities to the field. Joseph was a combine freak and took that to the NFL where he is developing into a great player.

In-Season Training

I have been getting some e-mails about my e-mail reagrding training during the season. Many of you are looking for a specific protocol to follow. In my book "Training for the NFL" ( provide an in-season training program that I give to all my athletes. It is a proven program to keep those gains made in the off-season.

Often many athletes lose all their off-season gains due to de-conditioning during the season. Keep the development flowing from one year to the next.

Friday, September 07, 2007

How to stretch for the 40 yard dash

Although I have covered this topic in past newsletters, I am getting countless e-mail about how and when to stretch.

The Journal of Strengh & Conditioning Research this month had many studies examining the use of static stretching versus dynamic stretching.

More benefits were shown with a Dynamic flexiblity routine over static streching. Studies also showed that vertcial power was increased with dynamic stretching prior to a vertical jump, than with static streching.

So make sure to perform dynamic stretching just like my Dynamic Stretching protocol found in Mastering the 40 Yard Dash (

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In-Season Football Training

Is it just me or has the football off-season just flown by?

Hopefully you will see the benefits of training when you hit the gridiron. But the question I ask you is what are you doing to keep those off-season gains in your strength, speed, agility and power?

**In-Season Training**
What should you be doing to maintain your peak performance?

I suggest trying to get three workouts in focusing on all aspects of you training. Workouts should be a combination of strength, footspeed, agility, power, flexibility and core work. Assuming you are doing your anaerobic conditioning with the team so there is no need to do extra.

Timing is critical. If you play on Friday, get in Saturday and get a good, tough workout in, take Sunday off, then Monday & Tuesday get a workout in. Wednesday do some core work and a good stretching session, Thursday is off and Friday is game day. You can adjust this schedule for college and NFL games.

My clients are never on the sideline with cramps. Why is that? Because I have taught them that hydration starts on Monday. the need to eat healthy and hydrate well in the days leading up to the game, not just the night before.

**Are you getting my e-mails?**
If you have not been receiving my e-mail with tips like this, we are now going to give you a better option. We are going to start mailing out Trainign Tips, product annoucements and updates through the USPS.

That's right you will get deliveries right to your mail box.

So to take advantage of this, sign up here
to start recieving our mailers.

Hope to see you on the list!

Train hard.

Mike Gough
NFL Combine Training Expert

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Okoye Drafted Top Ten By Texans

We are pleased to announce that Amobi Okoye has been selected 10th overall in the 2007 NFL Draft by the Houston Texans. Okoye who clocked a 4.85 40 yard dash at the Louisville Pro Day seperated him in a class of his own.Congrats to Amobi and his family. I know that he will be a huge success in the NFL with his character and work ethic.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

How To Run A Fast Shuttle

Want to run a fast shuttle? One of the keys to a fast shuttle is the ability to get in and out of the turns as quick as possible.

How is this done? Well for starters you need to improve you footspeed as much as possible. You need to have quick feet so they do not stick in the turn. Often I see guys that appear to have cement shoes on, leading to a pause at each turn with noticeable ground contact time. This kills there ability to clock a great time.

Try to be light on your feet at each turn, think quick feet and often this will translate into your feet not sticking to the grass or turf.

Also shoe selection is critical to executing quick turns. For info on what specific shoes I suggest, check out my Pro Combine Preparation Manual (

NFL Combine Wrap Up

My clients are now finished with the 2007 NFL Combine. On a whole they all did really really well. I talked with each after the combine to see what twists the scouts brought to the table this year.
Every year I tell my guys to expect the unexpected. Expect to be exhausted both physically and mentally, expect the drills to change, expect the testing rules to be tweaked. And yes this year was no different.

So whether you are training for the NFL Combine, Pro Day, Free Agent Combines, or Nike Combines, you need to be prepared and have all your bases covered.

This year they altered many of the position drills slightly from years previous. My combine preparation includes breaking down each position drill so guys can show their best. They adapted to the new changes.

Also a new rule was applied for the shuttle tests. According to my clients it made all the athletes very upset and thus alot of the shuttle times were slower than years previous.

Now we are preparing for the Pro Timing days at the athletes respective schools. It should be fun!

Want to be fully prepared for the combine tests?

Check out

NFL Combine Updates...

Live From the NFL Combine...
A busy day here in Indy today with the QB's WR's and RB's all gettin after it on the Field Turf.
I have been getting tons of e-mails on my clients results... Lorenzo Booker ran a solid 4.45 sec 40 yard dash to partner with his 26 rep bench press. A good showing for Lobo. He excelled in the agilities and positional drills.

19 year old phenom Amobi Okoye weighed in at 302. He originally came to me in mid Jaunary at 281 lbs. and amazingly lowered his bodyfat. He repped 29 reps on the bench today. He will run tomorrow and show why he is a top first round selection.

Jeremy Clark a run stuffing DT from Alabama weighed in at 309 lbs. and he repped 29 reps on the bench. That is a huge improvement from his 21 reps he performed on his arrival here in Florida.

Wonder how to train and perform the combine tests correctly?

Check out
Hopefully you have been busy analyzing the technique at this years combine. I have been watching the video and will let u know what I see

Booker Hits 26

Live From the NFL Combine...

Just earlier I heard from Lobo... aka Lorenzo Booker RB from FSU. Lobo is one of the most jacked athletes I have worked with, he possesses a chiseled physique along with power, speed and serious quickness.

Today Lorenzo benched at the 2007 NFL Scouting Combine. He threw down 26 reps on the bench! Not bad for a 191 lb. athlete. Actually it is pretty amazing.

One thing that Lorenzo loved to do was my bench press protocol. A heavy muscle endurance routine of reps to failure and push ups. Combine this with specific back training exercises to produce a serious bench result.

My 225 lbs. Combine Bench Press Routine is contained in my Pro Combine Preparation Manual ( Be sure to get your copy to see the workout that Lorenzo loved to do!

That's all for now, I will check back in tomorrow with more from Indy.

Live from the NFL Scouting Combine

Live From the NFL Combine...

Things are buzzing in Indy for the 2007 NFL Combine. Players are arriving each day with the first group being tested today with the OL and TE hitting it at the RCA dome.

I am excited today to see how the RB's bench press. I look forward to seeing my client Lorenzo Booker blow up the bench press today. He was consistantly jacking up 225 in the upper 20's.

Not bad for a 191 lb. firecracker.

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That's all for now, I will check back in later.

Mike Gough
NFL Combine Training Expert

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Playing the NFL Combine Mental Game

Combine Trainers like myself have only 8 weeks to achieve results in preparation for the NFL Combine. While the bulk of preparation includes physical training, if the mental side is not covered the athlete may crack under the stress and pressure of performing a perfect 40 yard dash or any other combine test.

I stress to my athletes the importance of focus, centering themselves on the test at hand, not thinking of the previous or next test but channeling their focus on simple specific cues. This is the recipe for success.

With many of my clients leaving for the 2007 NFL Combine this week, I am trying to replicate the pressure and stress and see how they perform. So far so good.

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Train Hard,
Mike Gough
NFL Combine Training Expert

PS. Be sure to watch the NFL Combine this Friday on NFL Network. I know I can't wait!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Senior Bowl Week

The past two weeks have been great. The guys I have in are ready to get to Mobile, Alabama and display a wealth of talent to NFL Scouts. While I have been getting them healthy and enhancing thier performance qualities we have built a foundation in preparation for the next trip which is to Indy for the NFL Combine.

Each athlete that comes in recieves a copy of my Pro Combine Preparation Manual. Yes the same book that many of you have found so helpful in your combine training. So these guys head back to their condos each night a read, and go over what I have taught them that day. It is a great way to ingrain all these technique cues into their subconsious mind.

The more preparation they have the more their body and mind will be programed to do it properly earning the best performance possible.

SO while the focus is hittin it at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, we are buiding up our NFL Combine Preaprations. You should do the same in your preparations.

Train and Study. Train and Study. Become a Student. The results will be amazing.
If you have yet to take a peek at the Pro Combine Preparation Manual than take a look here.

If I did not believe in the quality of this manual, do you think I would hand it out to my boys. If you want to learn, train, and have success at your combine check it out.

Keep focused and train Hard.