Sunday, December 03, 2006

Combine Training Confidental : Pre Training Prep

Now that the College football regular season is complete, we are starting to get commitments from athletes looking to prepare for the NFL Combine.

In my dialogue with these athletes I give them a cheat sheet on what to and how to start preparing for their Combine Training. I suggest the following:

1. Perform my NFL Combine Bench Press Protocol once a week (found in my Pro Combine Preparation Manual)
2. Perform my Active Isolated Stretching Protocol daily (found in my Pro Combine Preparation Manual).
3. Perform footspeed drills.
4. Focus on getting healthy and recovering from injuries.
5. Define your physical and football strengths and limitations.
6. Increase your anaerobic conditioning.

Ok these are my big 6 focus points between now and the bowl game. If each athlete can do this when they start to training with me we are way ahead of the game.

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Train Hard,

Coach Mike

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