Monday, November 20, 2006

Combine Training 101 - Target What the Scouts are Looking For

When I get a new athlete coming into train with me for the combine, the first thing I do is talk with the athlete. I ask what are his strengths, limitations, goals, football specific strengths, limitations, and what are his priortities.

I want specifics.

I also educate the athlete on the combine process. One of the items that I think is very important is for athlete to understand what specific tests are most important to their position.

By this I mean which of the combine tests will the scouts place the most emphasis on. This is the order of emphasis and level of focus throughout their training.

We can't get caught in what the media places emphasis on, we must train for what the scouts look for.

For instince, let take an offensive guard. How do you prioritize the combine tests for an OG? I would start off with the most important to least important. Here goes:

1. 10 yard dash split
2. Pro Agility Shuttle
3. Bench Press 225. lbs.
4. Positional Drills
5. Flexibility Tests
6. L-Cone Agility
7. Vertical Jump
8. Broad Jump
9. 40 Yard Dash

So as you can see here is my priority list in general for an OG. Remeber that this is general and that individual limitations apply in certain circumstances that may alter this order.

So breakdown your positional priorities so you can target what the scouts are specifically looking for and your stock will skyrocket!

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Train Hard,

Coach Mike

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