Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NFL Combine Training Homework Assignment

After my last post I recieved tons of e-mail asking what priority should be for each football position.

Instead of giving you the answers, I want you to think and anyalze the position of your choice and rate the tests in order from most important to least important. This task will get you thinking and understanding of A) the needs analysis for your position B) where your training focus should be. It will be a starting point and priority list for your training.

I will post some of the responses in future posts.

Now put your thinking cap on and make your list!

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Train Hard,

Coach Mike Gough

Monday, November 20, 2006

Combine Training 101 - Target What the Scouts are Looking For

When I get a new athlete coming into train with me for the combine, the first thing I do is talk with the athlete. I ask what are his strengths, limitations, goals, football specific strengths, limitations, and what are his priortities.

I want specifics.

I also educate the athlete on the combine process. One of the items that I think is very important is for athlete to understand what specific tests are most important to their position.

By this I mean which of the combine tests will the scouts place the most emphasis on. This is the order of emphasis and level of focus throughout their training.

We can't get caught in what the media places emphasis on, we must train for what the scouts look for.

For instince, let take an offensive guard. How do you prioritize the combine tests for an OG? I would start off with the most important to least important. Here goes:

1. 10 yard dash split
2. Pro Agility Shuttle
3. Bench Press 225. lbs.
4. Positional Drills
5. Flexibility Tests
6. L-Cone Agility
7. Vertical Jump
8. Broad Jump
9. 40 Yard Dash

So as you can see here is my priority list in general for an OG. Remeber that this is general and that individual limitations apply in certain circumstances that may alter this order.

So breakdown your positional priorities so you can target what the scouts are specifically looking for and your stock will skyrocket!

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Train Hard,

Coach Mike

Saturday, November 11, 2006

NFL Combine Training Updates

Today I am announcing the launch of my new website.

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Coach Mike Gough

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Friday, November 10, 2006

NFL Combine Preparation and Training Manual

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Stretching for 40 Yard Dash Speed

Often one of the most overlooked areas in speed enhancement in particulr the 40 yard dash is flexibility training.

Often athletes perform endless bouts of static stretching. Many experts have advocated that static stretches should be held for up to 60 sec. This was known as the gold standard in flexibility training. This type of stretching decreases the blood flow and increases lactic acid production.

This can be potentially performance limiting before an event like the 40 yard dash.

So how do you stretch without this occuring? Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is effective for flexibility enhancement and optimal physiological function. With this type of stretching you hold the stretch for no longer then 2 seconds. This allows the targeted muscle to lengthen without the activation of the stretch relfex in the muscle. This allows the muscles to be stretched in a relaxed state for optimal lengethening.

This type of stretching will yield superior flexibilty results fast. To get my AIS Rope protocol check out my Mastering the 40 Yard Dash Manual. This protocol can be used before training or running the 40 Yard Dash.

Later this week I will teach how to stretch out the hamstring muscles to increase your speed.

Train Hard!

Coach Mike Gough

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