Monday, October 23, 2006

Wall Drill Training for 40 Yard Dash

One of the Simplest drills you can do for improving your acceleration phase of the 40 yard dash is by performing wall drills. These require no high tech equipment and produce great results.

In the 40 yard dash the longer you can accelerate the faster you can run. Forward body lean is essential to acceleration. Wall Drills force your body to feel and fire at an exaggerated acceleration angle. When performed properly it fires the hip flexors and gives you that burst off the start.

For 40 yard dash specific walls drills implement my breathing technique with each set. Remember that each set should be short burst with your key thought being keeping the knees firing up and the feet landing back. You want to maintain a 45 degree agle throughout the upper and lower body.

If your hip flexors fatigue or are in-flexible, the body will break the 45 degree angle and you will not be able to maintain the leg drive. You will look as if you are doing a butt kick warmup drill.

While Wall Drills are just one exercise they allow you to feel acceleration an ultimately will enhance your 40 yard dash.

Keep Training hard!

Coach Mike Gough

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