Thursday, October 12, 2006

Football Speed Training Check Out Football FAST!

Do you want to be Football FAST?

A highly respected colleague of mine, Jeremy Boone, who is one of the top speed coaches in the country has produced a DVD with Chicago Bears WR Mushin Muhammed.

Football Fast- Get NFL Speed Now!

You know that I don't recommend to many products to my loyal followers. And if I am going to recommend you to get a specific product, you know that I fully endorse the informational value of his DVD.

Boone, the Speed coach for the Carolina Panthers has hit the nail on the head with this DVD called 'Football Fast'. Not only do you get the DVD, you get access to a members only website with audio interviews and cutting edge football speed training information.

If you don't get on board with this product, you may get left behind by athletes that are training with Coach Boone's speed drills. The work for Mushin, they will work for you!

Check it out! Football Fast- Get NFL Speed Training Here

Coach Mike Gough

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