Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Training Split for 40 Yard Dash Training

Looking for a training split for the 40 yard dash that works in all aspects of training for the forty yard dash?

This training split here is all you need for your forty yard dash improvement. Note that this training split is for the 40 yard dash and does not take into account the other NFL Combine Tests.

40 Yard Dash Training Split

MONDAY (A.M.) - Max-Effort Upper Body lift
MONDAY (P.M.) - Plyometrics Routine

TUESDAY (A.M.) - Sprint work and 40 Yard Dash Technique
TUESDAY (P.M.) - Max-Effort Lower Body Lift

WEDNESDAY - Regeneration/Core Strength/Flexibility

THURSDAY (A.M.) - Plyometric Routine
THURSDAY (P.M.) - Muscle Endurance Upper Body lift

FRIDAY (A.M.) - Sprint work and 40 Yard Dash Technique
FRIDAY (P.M.) - Muscle Endurance Lower Body lift

SATURDAY - 40 yard dash technique and Plyometric Routine


For detailed instruction on the 40 yard dash click here to learn my cutting edge techniques.

Keep training hard!

Coach Mike Gough

Master the 40 yard dash today!

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Wow! Work out on Saturdays. I love it!