Monday, September 18, 2006

Sled Training for the 40 Yard Dash

A great tool for 40 yard dash improvement is the use of a weighted sled in your training program.

A weighted sled improves acceleration and power development in the running stride. It allows the body to feel forward body lean, critical for acceleration.

Here are my top three drills with the weight sled for you 40 yard dash improvement.

Drill #1 10 yard Accelerations
From a 40 yard dash start position accelerate out 10 yards with proper 40 yard dash technique and breathing (see: Mastering the 40 Yard Dash)

Drill #2 Resisted Marching
Using a heavier resistance on the sled perform a marching A focusing on forward body lean, firing the hip flexors and good arm action. Perform this drill out to 20 yards.

Drill #3 Backpedal Drives
With the harness or belt on backwards, athlete performs a resisted backpedal, focusing on keep the hips low and extending the leg through each stride with good arm action.

Try these three drills to train for the 40 yard dash. To learn the proper technique for the 40 Click Here.

Get fast!

Coach Mike Gough

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