Friday, September 08, 2006

A Must Read: "The Draft" by Pete WIlliams

Not too often do I suggest a good read. "The Draft" by Pete Williams is a must read if you follow the NFL Combine, NFL Draft or are interested in the NFL Scouting process.

The NFL draft is the most closely followed sporting event not involving an actual athletic contest. Pete Williams explores this world from the inside out, exposing the multi-layered feeding frenzy that swarms around Americas top college players. "The Draft" follows a handful of NFL hopefuls through the ups and downs of the 2004-2005 college football season and the pre-draft process, culminating with this years draft.

In tandem with the players, Williams follows three agents and two college programs, along with Atlanta Falcons scouts, who employ a stringent character-based system to evaluate players. These parallel stories weave together, creating a gripping and fascinating look at a world few see from the inside.

A very interesting read! Click here to get your copy of "The Draft"

Coach Mike Gough

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