Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Combine Bench Press Controversy

The other day one of my subscribers e-mailed me to tell me about a post someone made about my "Combine Bench Press Protocol" in one of the many discussion forums on the web. The protocol outlined in my Pro Combine Preparation Manual obviously created a stir.

First off I don't read many of these online conditioning forums with the exception of Ryan Lee's's discussion forum.

Secondly, I don't care what this one person's negative opinon was (He stated that my bench press program was far to much volume and that it targeted muscle endurace).

The fact is that my bench press methods work. Uncovential or not they work. Ask Philadelphia Eagles Guard Scott Young who repped the 225 lbs. weight 43 time at the 2005 NFL Combine. In addition the NFL Combine Bench Press test is a test of "muscle endurance" and not of "max strength".

See those who have the program and have implemented it into their workouts know it is no joke and it gets results. Just ask one of my athletes who responded to the person online, his bench went from 12 to 17 reps in three weeks.

Remember to train for the Combine bench press test you need to train the muscle endurance something that is often overlooked in max strength dominated sport.

Train Smart, Train Hard

Coach Mike Gough

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Craig Ballantyne, CTT, Certified Turbulence Trainer said...

Keep up the great work Mike, and let the numbers do the talking.

Looking forward to watching some of your clients in action this weekend!