Friday, September 22, 2006

40 Yard Dash World Record

Who has the 40 yard dash world record ? Who has run the Fastest 40?

As you know I put alot of time into studing the 40 yard dash. I analyze tons of video, break down specific techniques looking for the most optimal way to run a perfect 40 yard dash.

Also I analyze times, I break down 10 yard and 20 yard split times to analyze acceleration. I count strides and look at stride length. So you can see I am in-depth with my 40 yard dash knowledge.

This knowledge has led me to be able to teach and provide 40 yard dash instruction that gets results.

There has been alot of talk on the internet about the 40 yard dash and who has the 40 yard dash world record. Here is the problem; there is no consistant enviroment to judge player A from player B. Check this out:

The NFL Combine: yes it has been a consistant enviroment over the past years but last year the installed a Field Turf surface and often players refuse to ru the 40.

Enter the Pro Timing Day. There were more than 150 this year, most jammed into a three week period in March, most held in a dizzying blend of conditions and surfaces. Take March 23, when there were pro days at 11 campuses. North Carolina State ran its 40s indoors in the weight room on a rubber floor. USC ran outdoors on a state-of-the-art track with a crosswind. Southern Illinois ran outdoors on FieldTurf in breezy, 42-degree weather. Southern Mississippi ran outdoors on FieldTurf but in still, 65-degree conditions. Virginia ran outdoors on a Tartan track, Northern Colorado outdoors on artificial turf, Northern Iowa in a dome, Georgia Southern and Bowling Green outdoors on grass, Boston College indoors on rubber. Lambuth, an NAIA school in Jackson, Miss., had its offensive line prospect run on a cracked tennis court. Louisiana-Monroe held pro day in a basketball gym.

SO my point is this: how can we declare or even discuss a world record in the 40 yard dash when there is so many inconsistancies involved.

Just my 2 cents. Have a great weekend.

Train hard,

Coach Mike Gough

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Sadiq said...

Joey Galoway ran a 4.23 at the NFL combine in 1995 which was during the electronic era.