Saturday, September 02, 2006

40 Yard Dash vs. Football Speed

This weekend marks the first of the college football season. One thing I will be watching is athletes football game speed and how that corelates to their 40 Yard Dash time.

I have seen athletes that are game fast and 40 yard dash slow, game fast and 40 yard dash fast. So what gives?

Well some athletes are more agile than straight ahead fast. Some run great short shuttle times but slower 40 yard dash times. An athlete that percieves to be quick, fast and agile on the field and make plays might not run a reggie bush like 40 yard dash. But that does not mean he can't ball on the field.

A good determiner of an athlete's agility and quickness vs. speed is to assess their testing numbers in the short shuttle and 40 yard dash. Your short shuttle time should be .4 or 4 tenths faster than your 40 yard dash. So if you run a 4.40 40 yard dash, your shuttle time should be around 4 sec. flat.

Enjoy the weekend's game and look to see who is agile and who is fast!

Coach Mike

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Linehawg said...

I've read elsewhere the 20-40 split should be .5 vice .4. What I'm not clear on is how that might vary by position i.e. would a 210 lb safety have the same split as a 310 lb guard?