Tuesday, September 26, 2006

5 Ways to Maintain Your Speed During the Season

Far too often do I see athletes that lose a step during the season. Here are 5 ways to maintain your speed in-season without a high training volume.

1. Stretch - many athletes don't do this at all. Following a Active Isolated Stretching routine like the one in Mastering the 40 Yard Dash will maintain and improve your flexibility in only 10 min.

2. Footspeed Drills - Perform some footspeed drills each day during the practice week to keep your feet fast. Use a footspeed ladder or jump rope.

3. Work the hips - Fire those hips up with some hip flexor training. Try 3 x 15 sec. of wall drill accelerations.

4. Train the core - Keep the core strong and stable and your will enhance your speed.

5. Plyometrics - Hit some plyometrics 1-2 times a week. Nothing crazy just two explosive exercises for 3 sets each will keep the fast twitch muscles fired up.

As you can see, this won't take alot of time out of your day, but these are essential for maintaining your speed throughout the season.

Remember you want to be at your best come districts and states.

Train Hard,

Coach Mike Gough

Sunday, September 24, 2006

How Size Affects the 40 Yard Dash

I often get athletes that come to me looking to get bigger, with no mention of maintaining or enhancing their speed in the 40 yard dash.

Recently I picked up a ten pound plate and asked an athlete how fast he could run with the plater strapped to his back? He laughed but in all honesty when athletes try to bulk up, their speed, more specifically their acceleration, usually suffers.

So what can be done?

Well gradual lean muscle weight gain is suggested as opposed to rapid weight gain. This allows the body to adjust to the weight gain and maintain their speed. Rapid weight gain slows the body down, decreases flexibility, and ultimately inhibits the fluid movement patterns of the athlete.

So next time you are addicted to gaining muscle, think to yourself that you are an athlete first, that you need to build your athleticism first as muscle is slowly added to the body. You need to stretch to make sure that the muslces can move through a full range of motion. A balanced body of speed and lean muscle is what we are after. Both size and speed can be achieved, it just takes time to do it right.

Remember building a solid foundation takes time, hard work and dedication. If you are looking how to develop speed, look no further than "Mastering the 40 Yard Dash" manual which has a knockout 30 day speed training program that will give you that drive and acceleration you have been longing for. Sprint on over to http://www.procombinetraining.com/h/m2/default.asp?lang=&nCategory=421

Coach Mike Gough
NFL Combine Training Expert

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Friday, September 22, 2006

40 Yard Dash World Record

Who has the 40 yard dash world record ? Who has run the Fastest 40?

As you know I put alot of time into studing the 40 yard dash. I analyze tons of video, break down specific techniques looking for the most optimal way to run a perfect 40 yard dash.

Also I analyze times, I break down 10 yard and 20 yard split times to analyze acceleration. I count strides and look at stride length. So you can see I am in-depth with my 40 yard dash knowledge.

This knowledge has led me to be able to teach and provide 40 yard dash instruction that gets results.

There has been alot of talk on the internet about the 40 yard dash and who has the 40 yard dash world record. Here is the problem; there is no consistant enviroment to judge player A from player B. Check this out:

The NFL Combine: yes it has been a consistant enviroment over the past years but last year the installed a Field Turf surface and often players refuse to ru the 40.

Enter the Pro Timing Day. There were more than 150 this year, most jammed into a three week period in March, most held in a dizzying blend of conditions and surfaces. Take March 23, when there were pro days at 11 campuses. North Carolina State ran its 40s indoors in the weight room on a rubber floor. USC ran outdoors on a state-of-the-art track with a crosswind. Southern Illinois ran outdoors on FieldTurf in breezy, 42-degree weather. Southern Mississippi ran outdoors on FieldTurf but in still, 65-degree conditions. Virginia ran outdoors on a Tartan track, Northern Colorado outdoors on artificial turf, Northern Iowa in a dome, Georgia Southern and Bowling Green outdoors on grass, Boston College indoors on rubber. Lambuth, an NAIA school in Jackson, Miss., had its offensive line prospect run on a cracked tennis court. Louisiana-Monroe held pro day in a basketball gym.

SO my point is this: how can we declare or even discuss a world record in the 40 yard dash when there is so many inconsistancies involved.

Just my 2 cents. Have a great weekend.

Train hard,

Coach Mike Gough

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Joseph Addai for NFL Rookie of the Week

Do me a favor and vote my client Jospeh Addai Rookie of the week? He had a great game vs. the Houston Texans. Click Here to Vote foe Joe

Monday, September 18, 2006

Sled Training for the 40 Yard Dash

A great tool for 40 yard dash improvement is the use of a weighted sled in your training program.

A weighted sled improves acceleration and power development in the running stride. It allows the body to feel forward body lean, critical for acceleration.

Here are my top three drills with the weight sled for you 40 yard dash improvement.

Drill #1 10 yard Accelerations
From a 40 yard dash start position accelerate out 10 yards with proper 40 yard dash technique and breathing (see: Mastering the 40 Yard Dash)

Drill #2 Resisted Marching
Using a heavier resistance on the sled perform a marching A focusing on forward body lean, firing the hip flexors and good arm action. Perform this drill out to 20 yards.

Drill #3 Backpedal Drives
With the harness or belt on backwards, athlete performs a resisted backpedal, focusing on keep the hips low and extending the leg through each stride with good arm action.

Try these three drills to train for the 40 yard dash. To learn the proper technique for the 40 Click Here.

Get fast!

Coach Mike Gough

Terrell Owens a Mentor?

After all we have heard about Terrell Owens and his past with the 49ers and Eagles, one would not expect TO of all people to mentor a undrafted rookie free agent.

A client of mine Sam Hurd made the Dallas Cowboys roster as an undrafted rookie free agent. Sam has made a huge impact thus far.

A big reason is becasue of the mentoring of Owens, who has taken Sam under his wing, teching him what has made him a success on the field. Owens stays after practice with Hurd teaching him the little things that have made him successful. He has helped guide and mentor Sam.

The Sporting News wrote a great piece during training camp entitled Hurd becoming known as more than TO's protege which in talking to Hurd has made me see a whole new side to "TO" as we may know him.

The lesson here, "don't always judge a book by it's cover" as they say. For me, I know that TO has made a positive impact on my client's career which is just starting. And for that I am thankful to him.

Train Hard

Coach Mike Gough

Thursday, September 14, 2006

How to Prepare Your Body for Training

Far too often do I see athletes that start lifting or training without properly preparing their bodies for physical performance. Training is all about progressions, whether it is on the big scale (Year Training Plan) or for a single workout, you need to turn you muscles on so you extract all you can out of your training.

Training takes time and there is no sense wasting your time if your muscles are not ready to perform at their peak and get all you can out of your training.

So what should you do? Well to start you need to warm the body up. Second you need to to perform a specialized stretching protocol using Active Isolated Stretching techniques, and finally you need to turn the muscles on with a dynamic warm-up All of these techniques are outlined in my Mastering the 40 Yard Dash.

If you follow this protocol you will get so much more out of your workouts and thus reap more results. If you have not been prepping your body before you train you are selling yourslef short.

Train Hard, Win Big!

Coach Mike Gough

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

NFL Season Kickoff Weekend

Today I spent my afternoon at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa watching the Ravens kick some serious butt against the Bucs. It was exciting to see my client Ed Mulitalo whooping some butt on the Bucs defensive linemen.

I feel that this is the best he has ever been prepared for an NFL season with this being his 8th year.

Now I sit in front of the TV watching another client, Joseph Addai make his NFL Debut. All my guys are making me proud today.

It has been quite a day to say the least.

Until tomorrow,

Coach Mike Gough

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Training Split for 40 Yard Dash Training

Looking for a training split for the 40 yard dash that works in all aspects of training for the forty yard dash?

This training split here is all you need for your forty yard dash improvement. Note that this training split is for the 40 yard dash and does not take into account the other NFL Combine Tests.

40 Yard Dash Training Split

MONDAY (A.M.) - Max-Effort Upper Body lift
MONDAY (P.M.) - Plyometrics Routine

TUESDAY (A.M.) - Sprint work and 40 Yard Dash Technique
TUESDAY (P.M.) - Max-Effort Lower Body Lift

WEDNESDAY - Regeneration/Core Strength/Flexibility

THURSDAY (A.M.) - Plyometric Routine
THURSDAY (P.M.) - Muscle Endurance Upper Body lift

FRIDAY (A.M.) - Sprint work and 40 Yard Dash Technique
FRIDAY (P.M.) - Muscle Endurance Lower Body lift

SATURDAY - 40 yard dash technique and Plyometric Routine


For detailed instruction on the 40 yard dash click here to learn my cutting edge techniques.

Keep training hard!

Coach Mike Gough

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Friday, September 08, 2006

A Must Read: "The Draft" by Pete WIlliams

Not too often do I suggest a good read. "The Draft" by Pete Williams is a must read if you follow the NFL Combine, NFL Draft or are interested in the NFL Scouting process.

The NFL draft is the most closely followed sporting event not involving an actual athletic contest. Pete Williams explores this world from the inside out, exposing the multi-layered feeding frenzy that swarms around Americas top college players. "The Draft" follows a handful of NFL hopefuls through the ups and downs of the 2004-2005 college football season and the pre-draft process, culminating with this years draft.

In tandem with the players, Williams follows three agents and two college programs, along with Atlanta Falcons scouts, who employ a stringent character-based system to evaluate players. These parallel stories weave together, creating a gripping and fascinating look at a world few see from the inside.

A very interesting read! Click here to get your copy of "The Draft"

Coach Mike Gough

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Combine Bench Press Controversy

The other day one of my subscribers e-mailed me to tell me about a post someone made about my "Combine Bench Press Protocol" in one of the many discussion forums on the web. The protocol outlined in my Pro Combine Preparation Manual obviously created a stir.

First off I don't read many of these online conditioning forums with the exception of Ryan Lee's
SportSpecific.com's discussion forum.

Secondly, I don't care what this one person's negative opinon was (He stated that my bench press program was far to much volume and that it targeted muscle endurace).

The fact is that my bench press methods work. Uncovential or not they work. Ask Philadelphia Eagles Guard Scott Young who repped the 225 lbs. weight 43 time at the 2005 NFL Combine. In addition the NFL Combine Bench Press test is a test of "muscle endurance" and not of "max strength".

See those who have the program and have implemented it into their workouts know it is no joke and it gets results. Just ask one of my athletes who responded to the person online, his bench went from 12 to 17 reps in three weeks.

Remember to train for the Combine bench press test you need to train the muscle endurance something that is often overlooked in max strength dominated sport.

Train Smart, Train Hard

Coach Mike Gough

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Reggie Bush's 40 Yard Dash

How fast is Reggie Bush? He is FAST! Apart fro his 40 yard dash he ran on pro day that many say was in the 4.33 sec. range, Reggie Bush has taken his game to the NFL now. How do you think he will do, noting that the NFL is a step faster than the college ranks?

I saw some clips of Reggie on ESPN from the NFL pre-season games. He looked really good. He has the speed to turn the corner. He made a couple of speedy corners look foolish as they took wrong pursuit angles on him and he blew by them.

No doubt that Reggie's 40 yard dash will translate to on-field speed. That should be the goal of you and every other player out there. You want to run a fast 40 yard dash and you want to be able to perform on the gridiron.

I found this video of Reggie Bush's 40 yard dash at his NFL Timing day, take a look. While I think that he could have run even faster with some technique corrections, his acceleration and speed are amazing.

Check out my "Mastering the 40 Yard Dash" Manual that helped Joseph Addai run a 4.37 40 yard dash at the 2006 NFL Combine. His combine performance helped him get selected in the 1st round of the NFL Draft.

Keep Training Hard!

Coach Mike Gough

Saturday, September 02, 2006

40 Yard Dash vs. Football Speed

This weekend marks the first of the college football season. One thing I will be watching is athletes football game speed and how that corelates to their 40 Yard Dash time.

I have seen athletes that are game fast and 40 yard dash slow, game fast and 40 yard dash fast. So what gives?

Well some athletes are more agile than straight ahead fast. Some run great short shuttle times but slower 40 yard dash times. An athlete that percieves to be quick, fast and agile on the field and make plays might not run a reggie bush like 40 yard dash. But that does not mean he can't ball on the field.

A good determiner of an athlete's agility and quickness vs. speed is to assess their testing numbers in the short shuttle and 40 yard dash. Your short shuttle time should be .4 or 4 tenths faster than your 40 yard dash. So if you run a 4.40 40 yard dash, your shuttle time should be around 4 sec. flat.

Enjoy the weekend's game and look to see who is agile and who is fast!

Coach Mike

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