Monday, August 07, 2006

Improving Combine Performance

It is very easy to improve performance in the combine tests. I find it amazing that a series of simple technique cues can drastically change an athlete's perfomance.

Yesterday was the start of high school football training camps here in Florida. One of the school that I work with down here asked me to put the athletes through a combine testing on the first morning of practice.

This school is entering their first year in football. They are very raw, but the athletes are eager. I set up all of the tests and roamed around trying to guide the athletes many of whom had no idea of what or how to do any of the tests.

What I found amazing was a simple tip on a 40 start or vertical jump, broad jump, or bench press helped the athlete improve their result on their second attempt.

Many of the athletes had a look of bewilderment after seeing just by altering a simple movement their result could be improved. There were alot of teachable moments.

So let me teach you...

One of the fastest ways combine performace is through technique refinement. Cleaning up how you perform each test and having a cheat sheet like the Pro Combine Preparation Manual will aid in your performance.
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Mike Gough
NFL Combine Training Expert

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