Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Top 5 Free Agent Combine Mistakes

The Free Agent Combines are in full swing. These combine provide a legit shot for those with aspirations of playing int he NFL, CFL, NFLE, or AFL. Recently we attended one of these combines and here are the common Top 5 Mistakes we witnessed.

1. Footwear for the proper conditions/surface was often overlooked. Athletes need to be educated on what shoes are good for the specific tests and surfaces.

2. Improper Warm Up Protocol - athletes did not get warmed up enough. Too much static stretching was being performed shutting the muscles off.

3. Don't be a Spectator - You are there to peform at your highest level. You achieve this by taking care of yorself and solely focusing on your performance. Don't worry about other athletes there that are testing and what they scored on this test or that test.

4. Positional drills are important - don't let up on the positional drills because you put up good numbers in testing. Keep full throttle until the combine is over. Go all out in the one on ones.

5. Give yourself a chance - preparation is vital to success. many athletes looked like their heads were turning, the were asking other athlete how to perform the tests. Give yourself the best chance of success, prepare to your fullest potential.

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If you are going to put your future on the line at a combine, give yourself the best preparation out there. Be prepared, perform at your best.

Mike Gough
NFL Combine Training Expert

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