Tuesday, April 11, 2006

NFL Combine Performance Assessments

NFL Combine Performance Assessments

With the NFL Combine in almost over I have had a chance to watch a lot of footage of guys testing out in the various combine tests.

This year I this is what my assessments are thus far:

Shoe Selection: with the new Field Turf surface in the RCA Dome I have seen many players wearing the wrong footwear during the 40 yard dash. To know what shoes you need for each type of field surface for the 40 yard dash click here: http://www.procombinetraining.com/h/m2/default.asp?lang=&nCategory=421

Agility Test Technique: I have been appalled with the lack of technique on the agiity tests.
Athletes are taking far too many steps on the agility tests and adding valuable tenths of seconds to their times. To learn how to perform the agility tests properly click here: http://www.procombinetraining.com/h/m2/default.asp?lang=&nCategory=216

Poor Arm action when running: Arm action for the most part has been sloppy with athletes not using efficient technique. To learn how to move your arms for the 40 click here: http://www.procombinetraining.com/h/m2/default.asp?lang=&nCategory=421

Lack of flexibility: Many athletes especially the wide receivers looked tight and popped up right off the start of their 40 yard dash. Usually this is a sign of inflexibility specifically in the hip and hamstrings.

If you would like to take your combine preparations to the ultimate level, I suggest you check out my Secrets of Combine Training http://www.procombinetraining.com/h/m2/default.asp?lang=&nCategory=426 and my Pro Combine Preparation Manual http://www.procombinetraining.com/h/m2/default.asp?lang=&nCategory=216 these manuals will give you the training and technique instruction you need to blow the scouts away at your combine.

I am in the process of watching more film on the NFL Combine. I will keep you updated on what I see and how it can help you improve.

Mike Gough
NFL Combine Training Expert

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