Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Anderson Follows Addai's Lead at NFL Combine

After Joseph Addai's memorable NFL Combine Performance on Saturday, it was time for Alabama's Mark Anderson to take to the turf today in Indy. Mark did not disappoint.
Anderson lead his group (Group 8) with a 40 yard dash time of 4.61 sec., he lead his group and all defensive linemen with a huge vertical jump of 42', also led all DL with a 10' 7' Broad Jump. He took top in the three cone drill with a 6.95 sec. time and placed second in the short shuttle (4.22 sec.). Overall it was a dominating performance by Anderson.

He followed Addai's lead after his perfomance Saturday after clocking a 4.37 sec 40 yard dash. Anderson was even more confident after hearing of Addai's results.

What is turning even more heads is that each of these athlete trained here at PCT under my direction. They followed my direction adn my techniques and it payed off.

All of this technique instruction in my Pro Combine Preparation Manual
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It will give you the tips that Mark and Joseph used to set himself apart at the NFL Combine.

Mike Gough
NFL Combine Training Expert

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